outsourcing SEOAs a marketing agency owner, you’re no stranger to the complexities of client website migration. It’s a task that demands a significant amount of your time and resources, and any misstep could lead to severe consequences such as loss of traffic and ranking. Outsourcing SEO during these critical periods is a game-changer.

With the help of professionals, you can ensure a client’s new website gets plenty of traffic. This will make your clients happy and will take a lot of stress off of your plate.

Keep reading to learn why outsourcing SEO is the key to a successful website migration.

Expert Auditing

Outsourcing SEO gives you access to expert auditing for your client’s new website. The thorough check they conduct includes:

  • Website Structure: They ensure a clean, user-friendly layout that enhances user experience.
  • URL Structure: They check for consistent and SEO-friendly URL structures.
  • Duplicate Content: They look for copied content that could harm search rankings.
  • Meta Tags: They review the meta tags for relevancy and optimization.
  • Internal and External Links: They check for broken links, which can negatively affect your site’s SEO.
  • Page Speed: They test how quickly your site loads, a crucial factor in SEO and user experience.

By outsourcing SEO, you gain peace of mind knowing that any potential issues will be identified and rectified efficiently, ensuring a smooth website migration process.

Preserving Search Engine Rankings

Outsourcing SEO is critical to maintaining your client’s search engine position after a site migration. The experts handle redirects, which guide users and search engines from old pages to new ones. This keeps previous SEO efforts intact.

They quickly fix errors that can hurt your client’s rankings. Redirects and prompt error resolution are essential for SEO. With outsourcing, you’re assuring your clients that their new website will not lose any ground in search results. Protecting search engine position reduces client stress and builds trust in your agency.

Fine-Tuning Site Performance

External SEO experts are car mechanics but for websites. After a site migration, they can fine-tune your client’s new website to ensure it runs as smoothly and quickly as possible. Like a car, people will get frustrated and leave if a website takes too long to get where it needs to go (in other words, if it loads too slowly). This is bad for user experience and SEO.

With SEO experts on the job, you can tweak and adjust the site to ensure it loads lightning-fast. This keeps your client’s users happy, and in the world of SEO, a happy user means a happy search engine.

Checking for Technical SEO Issues

SEO professionals onboard go beyond the surface. They diagnose technical issues that could hamper your client’s website performance. They dig deep into the site’s infrastructure, meticulously examining several essential elements.

Here’s a glimpse into the technical SEO aspects they’ll scrutinize:

  • Indexing: Ensuring all essential pages are accessible and indexed by search engines. This makes the website visible to potential visitors.
  • Sitemap: Checking if the website has a complete and accurate sitemap.
  • Robots.txt: Verifying that the robots.txt file is correctly formatted and blocks search engines from indexing non-essential pages.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Testing the site’s usability on mobile devices.
  • HTTPS Status: Checking if the site is secure for users with correctly implemented HTTPS. This is a ranking factor for search engines.
  • Structured Data: Examining the correct use of structured data. This helps search engines understand the site’s content. It enhances its appearance in search results.

Outsourced experts ensure your client’s website performs optimally. 

outsourcing SEO

Gaining the Upper Hand with Competitor Analysis

An outsourced SEO team brings the advantage of quick competitor analysis. They study the competition’s performance on the new platform. Experts find what works and what doesn’t. This information is gold.

Your clients can use these insights to stay ahead. They can improve their strategies based on real-world data. Outsourcing SEO safeguards your client’s online presence and helps them maintain a competitive edge.

Keyword Maintenance

Outsourcing SEO also helps with keyword upkeep. When your client moves to a new site, you want to ensure that the keywords that worked well in the old site continue attracting visitors to the new one. SEO professionals can do this.

They map out all the keywords from the old site to the new one. They also optimize these keywords to ensure the new site ranks well in search results. This process makes the new site as search-friendly as possible. Your client’s online visibility stays strong, and their audience can find them as easily as before.

Content Optimization

SEO experts are essential for optimizing content on a client’s new website. They ensure all material, from blog posts to product descriptions, is search-engine friendly.

Here’s why this is important:

  • Relevance: Experts include targeted keywords in the content. This makes the website relevant to user searches.
  • Visibility: Optimized content boosts the site’s visibility. It helps the site rank higher on search engine results pages.
  • User Experience: SEO professionals write helpful and engaging content. This improves user experience and keeps visitors on the site longer.
  • Authority: Well-optimized content builds your client’s online authority. It makes their site a go-to resource in their field.
  • Conversions: With clear, compelling content, your clients can turn website visitors into customers. This means more sales and profits.

By outsourcing SEO, your clients get the most out of their new website’s content.

Backlink Retention

Keeping your backlinks after moving to a new website is crucial. These links from other sites help boost your client’s SEO. When you outsource SEO, experts ensure these links stay intact.

They use a method called ‘redirecting’. This channels users and search engines from the old site’s pages to new ones. It keeps your client’s site visible and popular. This method can enhance the backlink profile, helping your client’s new site reach more people. This way, your client’s SEO strength stays robust and improves over time.

Local SEO Adjustment

When shifting to a new site, getting the local SEO settings right is vital. This helps your client continue standing out in their local market. SEO experts can take care of this.

They re-configure local SEO on the new site to ensure it’s spot-on. These pros ensure the new site targets the right local audience and gets found by local searchers. This keeps your client’s business in front of their community, helping them stay ahead of local competition.

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The Power of eCommerce Optimization

If your client’s website is an online store, the move to a new site gets a bit trickier. It’s like moving a real shop to a new place. You have to make sure all the items – or, in this case, product listings – end up in the right spot. Luckily, SEO experts can help with this.

They can work on every part of the online store, ensuring everything is set up correctly. This includes product listings, categories, and other vital elements.

Here’s what they do:

  • Product Listings: They ensure all your client’s products are easy to find and look great on the new site. They use keywords and phrases to help customers find what they need.
  • Categories: They organize all the products into clear, easy-to-navigate categories. This makes shopping on the new site a breeze.
  • Other Elements: There’s much more to an online store than just products and categories. SEO experts will also look at checkout pages, shopping carts, and customer reviews. They’ll tweak these parts of the site to ensure they’re working well and are easy to use.

With outsourced SEO, your client’s online store will run smoothly on their new site in no time. This means a better shopping experience for their customers and more sales for them.

Enhancing Page Experience

Outsourcing SEO can enhance the user experience on your client’s new site. SEO experts focus on Google’s Core Web Vitals. What are they? They’re essential metrics that Google uses to rate a website’s user experience. These include how fast a page loads, how interactive, and how stable it is while loading.

These factors matter. A bad score can hurt your client’s site ranking. But with outsourced SEO, experts can help nail these metrics. They optimize the site for a top-notch user experience. That’s good for users and great for SEO.

Social Media Integration

Experts can make your client’s new website social-media-friendly. It’s like inviting social media to a party on the new site. Social media signals are part of SEO. They help the new website rank higher on Google.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sharing Made Easy: Experts ensure people can share content from the site to social media. This gets more people to visit the site. It’s like word-of-mouth, but online.
  • Boosting Visibility: When more people share and like the website’s content on social media, Google notices. This can help the new site climb higher in search results.
  • Driving Traffic: Social media can direct more people to the new site. It’s like a sign pointing people to a store. More visitors can mean better SEO.

Outsourcing SEO allows your client’s new site and social media to work together. This teamwork can bring more people to the site and help it rank higher on Google.

Make Your Life Easier By Outsourcing SEO

Are you struggling to keep your marketing agency running smoothly? If so, it’s time to reap the rewards offered by outsourcing SEO!