outsourcing SEOTechnical SEO is crucial for your website to perform well and gain visibility online. It involves optimizing the technical aspects of your site to ensure it meets search engine requirements. Outsourcing SEO services can be an excellent option for agencies that may not have the expertise or time to handle it themselves.

Your clients rely on you to ensure their website ranks well in search engines. However, technical SEO is time-consuming. Outsourcing SEO is an innovative solution if you don’t have the time or skill to handle this in-house. 

With outsourced services, you can effectively improve the technical elements of your client’s websites. You can do this while avoiding taking time and effort away from other essential services. 

Would you like to know how outsourcing SEO providers can improve the technical aspects of a website? If so, let’s dive in. 

Understanding Technical SEO 

Technical SEO is about making a website perform better and appear in search engine results. It focuses on the behind-the-scenes technical stuff that helps search engines understand and rank a site.

A critical part of technical SEO is site speed. It’s all about how fast your website loads when someone clicks on it. A slow website can make people leave and go to another site instead. So, technical SEO helps make a site faster and keeps visitors happy.

Another component is mobile optimization. Many people use their phones or tablets to browse the internet. If your website is challenging to use on a mobile device, people might leave and find another site that works better on their phones. Technical SEO helps ensure a site looks great and works well on all devices.

Crawlability is another crucial aspect of technical SEO. Search engines use special software called crawlers to go through your website and understand what it’s all about. If a site isn’t set up correctly for crawling, search engines might not find all the pages. This means the site won’t appear as much in search results. Technical SEO helps make sure search engines can crawl a site easily.

To do technical SEO well, you need specialized knowledge and expertise. It’s not something just anyone can do. Outsourcing SEO to professionals who understand the technical side can be a smart choice. They have the skills and experience to optimize your website’s technical aspects and help it perform better in search engines.

Learn more about the specific ways outsourcing SEO can help improve the technical aspects of your client’s sites here. 

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Improving Site Speed and Performance 

Having a fast website is super important because it helps people have a better experience when they visit a site. It also helps the site show up higher in search results. 

Here are some techniques used by outsourcing SEO providers to improve site speed:

  • Optimizing images: Images are essential to websites, but if they are too big, they can slow down your site. Optimizing the images can reduce this effect.
  • Caching: Caching is like saving a copy of your website. When someone visits your site, the cached version is loaded instead of loading everything from scratch, which makes things faster.
  • Minifying code: Websites have a lot of code behind the scenes, and sometimes that code can slow things down. 

Outsourcing SEO providers use various tools to improve a site’s speed and loading time. One is a Content Delivery Network or CDN. When someone visits a site, they are sent to the closest copy, which means the site loads faster. 

Another tool is Gzip compression. This helps make website files smaller. When files are smaller, they move across the internet faster. This can also help reduce site load times. 

Optimizing site speed is crucial for providing a good user experience and improving search rankings. Outsourcing SEO means experts with specialized knowledge handle the website’s technical aspects for optimal speed and performance.

Better Mobile Optimization 

A website that works well on mobile devices is essential because many people use their phones and tablets to browse the internet. Mobile optimization is another aspect of technical SEO. An outsourcing SEO provider uses their knowledge to make websites better for mobile users.

Mobile-friendly websites are crucial in today’s digital world because they allow people to easily view and interact with a site on their phones or tablets. An outsourcing SEO provider can help enhance mobile optimization for your client’s website. There are a few techniques used to do this:

  • Responsive Design: outsourcing SEO providers focus on creating responsive website designs. This means a site automatically adjusts its layout and content to fit different screen sizes.
  • Mobile Site Speed: outsourcing SEO providers’ work ensures mobile sites load quickly. Slow-loading websites can be frustrating and cause people to leave. 
  • Usability: Professionals also pay attention to the usability of a mobile website. They ensure that buttons and links are easy to tap, the text is readable without zooming, and the overall navigation is intuitive. 

Outsourcing SEO providers make your client’s websites mobile-friendly by focusing on responsive design, mobile site speed, and usability. This improves the user experience and boosts your chances of appearing higher in mobile search results. So, people searching for something on their phones are more likely to find and engage with the site.

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Enhancing Website Crawling and Indexing 

Search engine crawlers need to be able to access and understand a website’s content easily. The “crawlability” of a site is a significant factor in where it ranks in SERPs. 

Search engine crawlers are like little robots that visit websites and collect information. They follow links and read the content on your site. If crawlers find a site difficult to navigate or understand, they might miss important pages. This means the site will appear less in search results. That’s why crawlability is crucial.

Outsourcing SEO providers employ various methods to improve crawlability and indexability.

One option is XML sitemaps. This is a particular file that lists all pages on a website. Outsourcing SEO providers create and submit this file to search engines. It helps search engine crawlers find and index your site.

Another method is robots.txt. This file lets search engine crawlers know what pages they should access and should not. With robots.txt, crawlers are guided to the most important parts of a site. This means they do not crawl pages that should not be indexed. 

Structured data implementation is another option. It provides additional information about the content on a website to search engines. The provider hired will add structured data to websites using markup languages like microdata and JSON-LD. With this, search engine crawlers can easily understand and interpret the content. This improves visibility for the site in search results. 

These tools help search engines easily understand and access a site’s content. This increases the chance of a site appearing in related search results. It may also help sites reach a wider audience. 

Implementing Structured Data Markup 

Structured data markup is like adding special tags to your website’s content. It provides additional information to search engines and users. 

Structured data markup has benefits for both search engines and users. For search engines, it helps them better understand the content on the site. It also displays relevant information in search results. This can lead to rich snippets like star ratings, product prices, or event details. This can make a site stand out and attract more clicks. 

For users, structured data enhances their experience by providing more accurate and valuable information upfront.

Outsourcing SEO providers are skilled in implementing structured data on a website. They know how to identify the best opportunities for markup and ensure it is correctly implemented across a site. They work with popular markup formats like JSON-LD, microdata, and RDFa.

By leveraging the expertise of outsourcing SEO providers, you can implement structured data markup effectively. They understand the benefits and know different formats. They can ensure that search engines and users can easily access structured data’s enhanced information.

Optimizing URL Structure and Navigation 

A well-structured URL and navigation system is important for both search engine optimization (SEO) and providing a good experience for website visitors. Well-structured URLs make it easier for search engines and users to understand what web pages are about. 

To do this, creating descriptive and relevant URLs to the page’s content is essential. For example, use words that reflect the page’s topic instead of a long string of random characters.

Also, use hyphens to separate words in the URL. This makes it easier to read and understand. For instance, “mywebsite.com/about-us” is better than “mywebsite.com/aboutus.”

Navigation is also an important aspect. Organize the navigation menu intuitively and logically. The most important pages should be easily found and accessed. Like pages should be grouped under the relevant category. 

Clear and descriptive URLs make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your pages. Intuitive navigation helps visitors quickly find what they’re looking for, improving their satisfaction.

The Benefits of Outsourcing SEO for Technical Website Improvement

Outsourcing SEO services can significantly benefit agencies seeking to improve the technical aspects of their client’s websites. Professional improvements will substantially benefit a site’s ranking and visibility. If this service could help your agency and clients, contact our experienced outsourcing SEO providers today.