outsourcing SEO agencyWebsites must be optimized for online businesses to succeed. That means ensuring the website is set up to attract more visitors and rank higher on search engines.

An outsourcing SEO agency can help other marketing agencies find and fix issues with their client’s websites. They have the knowledge and expertise to help websites perform better and increase visibility. This all leads to more customers and more conversions. 

Does your agency need help with client sites? Do you not have the in-house team or time to find and fix website issues? If you said yes, then it is time to consider the services of an outsourcing SEO agency. 

Some of the specific issues these service providers can help with are listed below. 

Slow Website Loading Speed

Slow website loading speed can negatively impact user experience and search engine rankings. When a website takes a long time to load, it can cause frustration and impatience among visitors. 

Users expect fast and responsive websites. They may leave the site and never return if they wait too long. Search engines take loading speed into account when determining search rankings. If a website is slow to load, it may cause the search engine to lower its ranking.

An outsourcing SEO agency can play a crucial role in identifying and resolving issues related to website speed. These agencies possess specialized knowledge and tools to diagnose what caused the slow loading speed. 

They conduct comprehensive website performance audits. They analyze the various elements such as the following:

  • Server configuration
  • Code optimization
  • Image compression
  • Caching techniques

An outsourcing SEO agency can optimize the website’s loading speed by addressing these issues. This can help improve user experience and positively impact search engine rankings. 

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Lack of Mobile Responsiveness

Today, many people use their phones to browse the internet. That’s why websites need to work well on mobile devices. This is called mobile optimization.

Mobile optimization is a big deal because it ensures that websites look good and work correctly on phones and tablets. When a website is not mobile-responsive, it can be hard to read and navigate. This can make people frustrated and leave the site.

Since many people use their phones to search for things, search engines like Google pay attention to mobile optimization. They want to ensure they show websites that work well on mobile devices in their search results. A website that isn’t mobile-responsive may not appear high in search results. This will reduce its visibility, and fewer people will find it.

Outsourcing SEO agencies are experts in fixing issues with mobile responsiveness. They have the skills and knowledge to make websites look good and work smoothly on mobile devices.

These agencies can identify problems that make a website not mobile-friendly. 

Some of the issues they will evaluate include the following:

  • If the site’s website adjusts to different screen sizes.
  • If the links and buttons are easy to tap with a finger.
  • If the text is readable without zooming in. 

Once they find these issues, outsourcing SEO agencies can make the necessary changes to improve mobile responsiveness. They may take several steps to do this. Examples include modifying the website’s design, adjusting the size of elements, and optimizing images for faster loading on mobile devices.

Outsourcing SEO agencies specialize in addressing issues with mobile responsiveness. They can ensure your client’s websites work well on mobile devices. This will help businesses reach and engage more mobile users.

Poor Website Structure and Navigation

A website with a clear and organized structure is essential for users and search engines. When a website has a good structure and navigation, it’s easier for people to find what they want. 

Not only that, but search engines also pay attention to how well a website is organized. They want to show websites that are user-friendly in their search results. A website with a confusing structure and navigation might not rank as high in search results.

Outsourcing SEO agencies are experts at spotting and fixing problems with website structure and navigation. They have special tools and techniques to analyze how a website is organized. They can use other tools to determine if the navigation is simple and easy to use. 

These agencies can identify issues like the following:

  • Broken links
  • Pages that are hard to find
  • Confusing menus

Once they find these problems, they can change the website’s structure and navigation.

The changes make it easier for visitors to find what they need. They will also be able to explore the website without getting lost.

By improving website structure and navigation, an outsourcing SEO agency helps to enhance the website’s overall usability. This gives visitors a better experience and makes finding the information they want easy. It also boosts search engine optimization (SEO) performance.

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Broken Links and Redirects

Having broken links and redirects on a website can cause problems for users and search engines. When a link is broken, it means that when someone clicks on it, they don’t reach the right page. This can frustrate users because they can’t find the information they want.

Search engine crawlers also dislike broken links. They can get confused and may not be able to crawl all the pages on a website. As a result, the website may not appear as well in search results.

Outsourcing SEO agencies are skilled at finding and fixing broken links and redirects. They have tools that can scan a website and identify any broken links. Once they find these broken links, they can fix them.

They may update the links to the correct pages or remove them if no longer needed. This ensures that users can navigate the website without encountering dead ends.

Redirects are another issue that outsourcing SEO agencies can tackle. Redirects are like signposts that guide users from one page to another. Sometimes, redirects can get misconfigured or outdated, confusing users and search engines.

Outsourcing SEO agencies can review and update redirects to ensure they work correctly. They may set up proper redirects when a page has been moved or deleted. This ensures users are automatically directed to the correct new page.

By fixing broken links and managing redirects, outsourcing SEO agencies help improve website performance. Users can easily find the information they need, resulting in a positive experience.

Additionally, search engine crawlers can navigate the website properly, increasing the chances of higher search engine rankings. This will also increase the visibility of the website.

Missing or Incorrect Meta Tags

Meta tags are like little descriptions that tell search engines what a webpage is about. They play a vital role in search engine optimization (SEO). When meta tags are missing or incorrect, search engines can’t understand what the page is about.

Outsourcing SEO agencies are experts in auditing and optimizing meta tags. They will do this to improve website visibility. The professionals will review each page on a website and ensure that the meta tags accurately represent the content.

These agencies know the right keywords to include in the meta tags. They also make sure the tags are short enough. By optimizing the meta tags, they help search engines understand what the webpage is about, and this can lead to better rankings in search results.

Improper URL Structure

A well-structured URL is essential for search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience. A URL is the web address that takes you to a specific page on a website. When a URL is well-structured, it’s easy for users and search engines to understand what the page is about.

A clear and organized URL helps users know where they are on a website. It gives them an idea of what to expect when clicking a link. Search engines also look at URLs to determine what a page is about. 

When a URL is well-structured with relevant keywords, it helps search engines understand the page’s content. This can improve the chances of the page appearing in search results when people search for related topics.

Outsourcing SEO agencies are skilled at identifying and correcting issues related to URL structure. They have tools and techniques to analyze the URLs of a website. They can also make necessary improvements.

These agencies can spot problems like long and confusing URLs or URLs with irrelevant words. They can also find and fix URLs that don’t reflect the page’s content. Once they find these issues, they can make changes to improve the structure and readability of the URLs.

They may simplify the URLs and remove unnecessary words or numbers. They can also ensure keywords are included. This helps search engines improve their visibility in search results. Users will find it easier to remember and share clear and meaningful URLs.

By addressing URL structure issues, an outsourcing SEO agency can enhance both SEO and user experience. They make it easier for search engines to crawl and understand the website’s content. They can also make navigating and accessing specific pages simpler for users. This ultimately leads to better visibility in search results and a more enjoyable user browsing experience.

How an Outsourcing SEO Agency Can Improve Website Performance

Outsourcing SEO agencies are crucial in helping businesses address various website problems. They can also enhance performance. With their specialized knowledge and tools, outsourcing SEO agencies optimize website elements. 

They improve user experience by ensuring websites load quickly, are mobile-friendly, and have intuitive navigation. Moreover, they enhance search engine visibility. This helps to increase the chances of attracting more visitors and potential customers.