If your goal is to ensure your website ranks, link building is an essential SEO task, even in a competitive market. Here, you can find some established best practices to help with your link-building efforts. 

Remember, link building has changed over the years. In the past, it was all about quantity. Today, though, quality is the most important factor. Because of this, you want to ensure the links you create will benefit your site and help you gain traction in search engines. 

Replicate the Links Your Competitors Are Using

Is there a site that has mentions and links to some of your competitors? Are you still missing a backlink to the site? If so, this may be a link you should pursue. 

You can find several online tools to help you determine what links your competitors have and which ones you should try to pursue. 

This is a good first step, but don’t stop there. 

Reclaim Any Lost Links 

Remember, backlinks won’t last forever. There are more than a few reasons that lost links occur. In some cases, they may be gone for good, but you may be able to reclaim them in other situations. 

Request Links for Unlinked Mentions

Sometimes your brand or business will be mentioned, but no link will be created. This is an unlinked mention and an opportunity. 

However, it’s up to you to benefit from this mention. To do this, reach out to the authors and ask them to create a link. Since they will likely be familiar with your brand (they did mention you, after all), there is a good chance that creating a link will be a simple process. 

Write and Publish Guest Posts 

Guest blogging occurs when you write and publish a blog on another site that is related to your industry. 

If a site allows guest posts, they will probably let you insert a link to your site in your author bio. 

There are several ways for you to find guest blogging sites. The easiest method, though, is to search for websites that have topics related to what you write about. That’s because these are the most likely sites to be interested in the content you publish. 

You can also find plenty of lists published online of sites that accept guest posts. Just find the options that relate to your industry, product, or service. 

Offer a Resource Page 

A resource page is one that is curated and that links to resources on a certain topic. You can create these yourself and then pitch them to a related site. 

Improving Your Link Building Efforts 

As you can see from the information here, there are more than a few ways to improve the link-building strategies you use. Keep the tips here in mind and reach out to the professionals for more help with this process. While it can be challenging, it is worth the time and effort you put into it and will result in significant returns.