Did you know that Google Display Banner Ads reach more than two million people per year? If you are searching for a new way to ensure more people find your client’s website, this may be the tactic you are looking for. 

The Google Display Network comprises a huge compilation of apps, videos, and websites. It can be used to find the target audience for your client’s services or products. Also, you have total control of the creatives in these campaigns, which means you get to tell Google the message it needs to deliver for your client’s business. 

If you are ready to offer this service to your clients, keep the following best practices in mind. 

Take Advantage of the Different Sizes of Banner Ads Google Offers

It’s a good idea to take advantage of all the sizes offered in Google Banner Ads. This will ensure you aren’t missing a chance to have your client’s product or service show up just because you didn’t have the right size banner. 

Display Your Logo Prominently and Clearly

It’s smart to place your logo at the top of your display ad and ensure it is one of the first things that users see. This will help improve brand awareness and build trust by ensuring the users know what business ad they are looking at. While this is true, you can put logos on the bottom of ads. Just make sure they are large and easy to see. 

Use a Font That Is Clear and Easy to Read

You only have a few seconds to catch the attention of your users. Because of this, you want to ensure they can easily and quickly read the messaging of the ad. To make sure this is possible, use a clear and not overly complex font. 

Include Images of Your Product 

A product is one of the best things that you can advertise with. If you have some type of physical product that you can showcase, then the banner ad will perform much better than ads that don’t have an image. These will work best if the landing page is the same as the product. 

Include a CTA Button

You should ensure that every ad has a CTA button. This provides people who see the ad with a reason to interact with it. Make sure that you choose a CTA that will fit your ad’s intention and message. 

Use Your Brand Colors for Your Banner Ads

It’s important to stay on brand. This will help you create brand awareness when a user sees your ads across several areas and platforms. Make sure that all your branding is consistent. 

Using Google Banner Ads for Your Client’s SEM Efforts 

If you plan to offer Google Banner Ads for your clients, you need to make sure to keep the best practices described above in mind. This will help ensure you achieve the desired results and that the ads have the desired impact.