When you take on a new client, you likely want to impress them with the results you achieve on their site. Because of this, you spend time creating a customized marketing strategy that includes PPC.

However, when it’s time to see the results, they are lackluster, at best. The issue may be your bidding strategy.

Don’t worry. Here you can find tips and ideas on improving the bidding strategy you use for your client’s PPC ad campaigns.

Bidding StrategiesUse Manual CPC

Manual CPC (cost per click) lets you set bits at the keyword or ad group level.

When you set your individual bids at the keyword level, it provides more control. Manual bids set for ad groups give the same bid to all placements or keywords in the ad group.

The biggest benefits of this strategy include:

  • More control
  • Your max cost for a click

While there are several benefits, it’s worth noting that this strategy requires more experience, time, and work to get the best results. Also, the reports aren’t as detailed as they are with automated bidding.

If you have a new client to Google Ads, this is likely the smartest bidding strategy. You can watch the performance and ensure ads aren’t overspending.

Use Automatic CPC

Automatic CPC allows Google to adjust your bids down or up. This option gives you get the most clicks based on your daily budget for a campaign.

If your client wants to reduce its budget, this is a smart bid strategy. It will also ensure you don’t lose impression share too quickly.

This is a smart strategy if there’s not much conversion data and you want to gather traffic data.

The benefits of this method include:

  • Quickly launch new campaigns
  • Gather data quickly

One of the main downsides of this strategy is that it doesn’t let you set max CPC bids on the individual keyword level.

For example, if certain keywords perform better than others, you may want to increase your bids. However, using automated bidding doesn’t provide this control.

Use Enhanced CPC

With Enhanced CPC, Google can increase or decrease your bids by 30%.

Google uses historical conversion data and custom algorithms to determine what searchers will most likely convert and which ones won’t.

Google increases the max CPC bid by 30% if a conversion is likely. It does the exact opposite for the conversions that aren’t as likely.

According to Google, using eCPC will increase conversions all while reducing or maintaining your selected cost per conversion.

If you are curious about the results, consider using this on a client’s smaller campaign, to begin with. Measure your conversion rate and volume, along with the cost per conversion, to see if it works for you.

Achieving Better Results with Google Ads Bidding

If you want to ensure you achieve the best results possible for your client’s Google Ads campaigns, be sure to keep the information here in mind. You can also outsource PPC efforts for your clients to ensure you get the desired results.