If you have landing pages on your website, you are off to a good start. However, just having the landing pages is not enough. You also need to optimize them and use the right tactics to ensure they are found.

Are you unsure how to get started or what to do? If so, keep reading. Here you can find some effective ways to boost your conversions on landing pages here.

The Affordance Advantage

While this one is subliminal, it may also be a complete game-changer. If things look like they need to function in a specific manner, it will help your visitors know what to do intuitively – for example, click on your CTA.

In some cases, this occurs even if you don’t have a button.

One company used a piano with pressable keys to encourage visitors to learn more. If you don’t have this same business model, try to make your CTA buttons look like real, pressable buttons.

Work for a 1:1 Attention Ratio

Another landing page best practice is to focus on one goal that has a 1:1 attention ratio.

The ratio refers to the number of links found on a specific landing page to how many campaign conversion goals. You have for an optimized campaign, the attention ratio needs to be 1:1. Since every campaign has a single goal, every landing page that corresponds to it should have just a single call to action – a single place to click.

This means no additional links, no footers, navigation bars, and no social shares will distract visitors from the one goal of having them click on the CTA on the landing page.

If you don’t keep the distractions down to the 1:1 ratio, you may risk overwhelming your visitor with too many options, making them question what they want to do next.

The lower your attention ratio is, the higher your CTR is going to be.

Add Form Fields

This is one of the counterintuitive landing page best practices – add additional form fields to create multi-step forms on your landing pages.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is removing form fields. The tip here is to increase the threat level for each step as you work your way through the form.

Begin with simple form fields – even if you don’t require the information, ask about the person’s project, event date, and zip code.

Taking steps to warm up your audience using micro-conversions will help them feel much more comfortable providing contact information. This is considered the most threatening information, and by the time they reach the final step, they are ready to disclose it.

Are Your Landing Pages Performing Well?

If your landing pages are not providing the desired performance, consider some of the tips here to improve the results. If necessary, get professional help to ensure the goals you have for landing pages are met. While this may seem like a challenge, with the right steps, you can be successful.