white-label Google Ads managementDigital marketing is dynamic. It is not a consistent entity you can count on to remain the same. This includes Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, a critical component in driving and increasing business success.

Unfortunately, managing PPC ads (specifically Google ads) is no walk in the park. It requires specialized time, resources, and skills. This is where white-label Google ads management comes in. With a third-party marketing agency handling ads management for your clients, you can offer quality services without having in-house expertise.

Now that you know the benefits of hiring a third party for Google ads management, you may wonder how to use this digital marketing strategy to increase foot traffic to your client’s businesses. This is a great question and one that is answered here. 

Keyword Optimization

Unlocking the power of Google Ads management starts with one crucial step: Keyword Optimization. However, determining what terms will “reel” in customers isn’t always easy. 

With white-label Google ads management services, you don’t have to worry. These experts have their fingers on the pulse of what consumers are searching for. Your agency gains a competitive edge without requiring you to be a Google Ads savant.

Imagine you’re marketing for a local bakery. You may target keywords like:

  • Fresh bread
  • Local bakery

They seem like solid bets, right? However, a service specializing in Google ads management may know what keywords are higher performing. The terms may be less obvious, such as:

  • Gluten-free muffins near me
  • Best croissants in [City Name]

These keywords will help your client get the desired results. It will also result in your clients seeing your value and encouraging them to keep using your services. 

By outsourcing to a white-label Google Ads management team, you’re adding a whole new wing to your agency. This wing is filled with experts who live to optimize keywords. 

They use data-driven strategies and up-to-the-minute market analysis to pick the perfect keywords. These are strategies your in-house team may not even have thought of. 

white-label Google Ads management

Local Targeting

Over 46% of all Google searches are for local information. For many businesses, their most valuable customers are in their local community. That’s why local targeting is an indispensable tool in your Google Ads management toolbox. But mastering the art of geo-targeting can be daunting, especially when juggling multiple campaigns for various clients. With Google ads management, you have this handled without dedicating time or resources to it. 

Imagine you’re running a campaign for a boutique fitness center looking to get more locals through the door. While you may have a general idea of how to target the ads, a white-label service can pinpoint specifics like never before. 

They can set up geo-fencing around competitors’ locations, target office complexes during lunch hours for those mid-day workout warriors or even zero in on neighborhoods with a high propensity for gym memberships.

What does this mean for your marketing agency? You can offer a highly specialized service without the steep learning curve. It’s like having a sniper-level targeting expert on your team, available at the click of a button. This not only enhances your current client campaigns but makes your agency attractive to prospective clients. 

Google Maps Ads

In today’s mobile-first world, consumers are often on the go. They turn to their smartphones to find the closest coffee shop, hardware store, or boutique. They’re not just using standard search engines; they’re using Google Maps. 

If your client’s store isn’t popping up on Google Maps when potential customers are nearby, you’re leaving money on the table. This is where white-label Google Ads management shines. They can turn Google Maps into a dynamic billboard for your clients.

Picture this: A consumer is walking down the street contemplating dinner options. They pull out their phone and open Google Maps. Once there, they search for “best pizza near me.” 

If your client owns a pizzeria in the area, a well-placed Google Maps Ad can make all the difference between an empty table and a sold-out night. White-label Google Ads management services are experts at optimizing for Google Maps Ads. They can ensure that your client’s business shows up at the precise moment when a hungry consumer is making a dining decision.

The beauty of leveraging white-label services for Google Maps Ads is that it’s not just about ad placement; it’s about smart, strategic positioning. They’ll analyze everything, including:

  • Best time to run ads
  • What keywords drive the most traffic
  • Adjust bids to maximize visibility

This is handled while you focus on running your marketing agency. 

Incorporating Google Maps Ads through a white-label Google Ads management service adds another layer of sophistication to your client campaigns. This is an ideal way to put your clients on the map. It can help with boosting foot traffic and generating real-world conversions. 

You’re not just offering your clients a service; you’re offering them a lifeline to local customers who are ready to buy. 

white-label Google Ads management

Compelling Ad Copy

Nearly 63% of consumers have clicked on a Google Ad. Great ad copy can motivate consumers to click on your ad. Writing ad copy that turns heads and clicks into customers is no small feat. It requires a cocktail of creativity, psychology, and data-driven insight. 

Sure, you can try crafting this golden copy yourself, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a team of seasoned pros doing it for you? That’s the beauty of white-label Google Ads management. 

These experts don’t just understand algorithms and keyword optimization. They can also craft ad copy that speaks directly to your client’s target audience.

Imagine your client is a trendy fashion boutique with a new shipment of fall sweaters. An average ad might say, “New Sweaters In Stock—Shop Now!” But a white-label team could whip up something more enticing, like “Turn Heads This Fall With Our Stunning New Sweater Collection—Grab Yours Today!” The latter doesn’t just inform; it excites. It pulls at the emotional triggers that spur people to action.

The real kicker here is consistency. Compelling ad copy is not a one-and-done task. It’s an ongoing effort that requires frequent tweaking and A/B testing to see what truly resonates with customers. 

A white-label Google Ads management service takes this process off your plate. They continually fine-tune the ad copy based on performance data. The goal of this is threefold:

  • Keep the copy fresh
  • Keep the copy relevant
  • Ensure it is effective at driving foot traffic to your client’s physical location

By outsourcing this specialized skill, your agency gains an immediate advantage. Not only do you save time, but you also offer a quality of service that can rival large agencies. 

The result? 

Your clients see an uptick in in-store visits, cementing their trust in your agency’s capabilities. And let’s be real—happy clients are the cornerstone of any successful marketing agency. So why struggle with ad copy when you can have a white-label service deliver persuasive, results-driven content? It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Use Ad Extensions

Let’s face it: in the world of online advertising, real estate is precious. Every single pixel counts when you’re vying for a customer’s attention. Over 65% of small business owners invest in Google Ads. If you want to set your ads apart, you need to learn about ad extensions. 

Ad extensions add extra lines of crucial information to your standard Google Ads. But setting these up effectively is more complex than it appears. It requires an understanding of what makes customers act. 

Thankfully, white-label Google Ads management services maximize the potential of ad extensions. This helps to transform your client’s simple ad into a mini-information hub that screams, “Visit our store!”

Imagine your client owns a pet store and runs a Google Ad to promote a sale of dog food. A basic ad could easily get lost in the shuffle. But with ad extensions, that same ad can also display:

  • The store’s address
  • A click-to-call phone number
  • Highlight customer reviews

These additional details don’t just make the ad more informative; they make it more actionable. Suddenly, it’s not just another ad; it’s an invitation to visit a trusted, convenient location for a specific need—quality dog food at a discounted price.

The Google ads management service you hire will meticulously analyze which extensions will most effectively boost foot traffic for your client. It could be adding site link extensions to highlight in-store promotions. Or, it could be leveraging callout extensions to showcase unique selling points like “Free Parking” or “Open Late.” The point is that they optimize every aspect to attract the most relevant, high-intent customers.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Client’s Foot Traffic with White-Label Google Ads Management?

Despite what you have heard, it is possible to boost physical traffic using online marketing. The key is to hire the right professional service to help with this goal. 

There are no shortcuts or secrets. Making Google ads work takes time and knowledge. This is something a third-party white-label Google ads management service can provide. Now is the time to invest in your agency and your clients.