Did you know your links can have a huge influence on your SEO? While this is true, sometimes, link building is not always in your control. You may wonder if listing your services on online directories or buying links is worth your time. For the most part, the answer is “no.”

Using any type of black hat backlinking strategy, including putting your link on a spammy page, can hurt your online reputation. Also, online directories may not have the authority or traffic you want or need.

Don’t worry, though, there are some ways you can build links, boost SEO, and improve your authority online. Keep reading to find out what these tips are.

Connect with Reporters, Trade Publications, and Journalists

Traditionally public relations are considered one of the best and most effective ways to build new links to your website. When you can build connections with reporters or journalists who will feature you or your business in their stories, you can receive links to your site from a credible source.

It is also possible to contribute unique content to trade journals or industry publications as a guest author. These articles let you show off the knowledge you have or provide input on relevant stories, which introduces new audience members to your business and expands your reach. You must establish through leadership and position yourself as an expert in the industry, and this is one way to do this.

Post Shareable Quotes

When you share ideas, insights, or bits of knowledge, you have another effective way to boost your links. By posting shareable quotes via your website or social media, journalists or other marketers can grab them and share them with their audience.

One example of this is to pull a shareable sentence from a podcast, content, or blog post to encourage others to share the statement. When you are credited for this bit of wisdom and insight, you receive a link to your site.

Another way to share quotes is via roundup posts. Connecting with content marketers who are writing roundup posts that include advice and tips from industry leaders can help you improve your backlinks.

Find and Replace Broken Links

Regardless of the website, a broken link represents a problem. However, they may also be difficult for some marketers to find and replace. You can utilize this fact by finding broken links on a website and then offering a replacement. This reduces the marketer’s work and gives you a backlink – it is a win-win opportunity.

Creating Backlinks Across the Web

As you can see, there are several ways you can begin creating backlinks to your website. Be sure to try one or all these strategies to see what works best for you. If necessary, reach out to the professionals for assistance. This is the ideal option if you do not have the time or ability to handle the backlink building process on your own. Being informed will help you build a strong backlink profile.