Are you in charge of client’s sites? As a marketing professional, do you want to find new ways to build quality backlinks to boost the sites you represent? Are you aware of the most effective white-hat link-building strategies that will help you with this goal? 

Link building is an effective way to improve and grow your digital presence. In fact, for most marketers and marketing agencies, link building makes up about 75% of all the SEO-related work done. 

In Google’s eyes, link building is one of the top-ranking factors considered. You may believe that just building sites is enough. After all, there are plenty of PBNs, directories, and link farms that accept any and all links. However, Google may actually penalize your site if you take this route. 

That’s why it is so important to take time to find the right tactics to implement. Keep reading to learn how to increase your link-building efforts and achieve better results. 

Create Resource-Oriented, Informative Content

Successful SEO strategists will let you know that you can open multiple doors for link building if you create high-quality content. SEO-optimized, long-form articles provide exceptional value, information, and education. Also, they are not going to be turned down by webmasters. This allows you to build higher-quality links on higher-authority sites. 

Identify Any Broken Links and Reach Out to Those Sites 

No webmaster or site owner wants broken links on their site. If links are broken, they may show a 404 error. There are several reasons this happens. 

You can use online tools to identify broken links. The next step involves reaching out to the site publisher and offering high-quality content to replace the removed content. 

Add Links in Your Author Bio

Sites and webmasters are constantly searching for new, quality authors to contribute to their blogs. When you establish your digital credentials, you can open yourself up and build even more links. Quality websites will let authors place a minimum of one link in the bio section that goes back to their website. This helps you acquire a quality link and helps to build your personal authority. 

Create Quality Infographics 

Recently, infographics have begun to emerge as an attractive and engaging way to disseminate content and new information. If you can build one that is engaging, informative, and colorful, then you can reach out to a publisher. When you allow someone, who is interested in placing your infographic, you can get a link back to your site. 

Building Backlink Profiles 

Regardless of if you represent one or 100 clients and sites, knowing the right way to build links can be invaluable. Creating a strong backlink profile will pay off in the long run and help ensure the desired results are achieved. In the long run, the tips and tactics above will help you start building strong backlink profiles and help ensure you get the results needed for the sites you are working on.