Brand awareness is a crucial tool you should leverage to help gain more attention to your client’s brand. In fact, it’s often the deciding factor that can help you take your client’s brand to the next level. 

Here, you can learn more about “what is brand awareness” and how to implement winning strategies to ensure it works in your client’s favor. 

Brand Awareness Defined 

Brand awareness is all about knowing the name of a company or business. Quality brand awareness means a brand is synonymous with the service or product offered. 

An example would be adhesive bandages. People don’t say, “I need an adhesive bandage,” they say, “I need a Band-Aid,” which is a brand. This is a classic example of quality brand awareness that works. 

This isn’t something that only applies to billion-dollar companies. Strong brand awareness works no matter the size of your business. All the biggest companies in the world started with humble roots. A huge part of the growth was brand awareness

Now that you know what it is, it’s time to learn what tactics can be used to improve brand awareness for each client you represent. 

Leverage Brand Partnerships

Brand partnerships are an effective way to build local brand awareness. This method allows you to find partners for your clients, like schools and other businesses, or even sponsor someone at a local event (like a sports team). 

You can provide uniforms, equipment, a venue, or money. It’s possible to do this using advertisement, banners, and more, all that features the name and log of the business providing the sponsorship. 

Sometimes, the most visible brand partnerships are those that involve some type of sports team. 

Car Wraps

Believe it or not, car wraps are now considered “old school.” While this is true, they still hold up to the benefits they have always provided. 

It is extremely visible when a vehicle is covered with a brand’s name and logo. If the wrap is made using high-quality colors and graphics, it can attract old and new customers. Even better, there may be others who are willing to have a similar wrap put on their vehicle, further advertising the brand and making it even more well-known. 

Most people view wrapped vehicles as mobile billboards. People nearby get to see the name and brand when sitting in traffic. An important tip is to ensure those using the car wrap option are good drivers. 

Start a Bit of Controversy

This idea will not work well for all businesses and organizations. However, controversy is a great way to get a bit more attention. By stirring the pot and churning the rumor mill, it’s possible to get more eyes looking at the business and trying to learn more. 

Be sure to think about controversial positions and statements before they go public. If something is seen as being negative, it’s possible to lose business. 

It’s also possible to take a cutting-edge or progressive stance on a subject within your client’s industry. Everyone loves to discuss new and revolutionary ideas. This will give you a fast and effective way to get any brand into the spotlight. 

Provide Freemium Content 

Freemium content is when you give away part of your final product at no cost. An example would be providing a trial of what you offer. This allows users to explore some of the functions, encouraging them to buy the full-featured option. 

Doing this helps convert a potential customer, all while increasing brand awareness. It’s important to ensure that the freemium content includes the brand name and links to the website to help increase business. 

Create a Referral Program 

Creating referral programs has been growing in popularity in recent years. The concept behind this is to create an incentive for your current customers to refer new customers. A good way to get people to opt in is by ensuring everyone benefits. 

The new and former customers should receive something for free. This could be a discount, more perks, or even a gift card. Along with strengthening the customer base, it will also help to grow the business organically. 

Tell the Story of the Brand

Remember that the idea here is to create a strong connection with existing and potential customers. It’s important to come across as a person rather than a company. 

Creating a compelling brand story will encourage people to connect. It’s possible to tell this story on local news, build it into other branding efforts, make posts on social media, and even take out traditional ads. 

Ultimately, having a story about how the company started will increase the personal factor. 

Guest Blogging

This is something that can work on many different levels. First, it helps to get the brand’s name out there. People will see the brand in places they don’t expect. It also offers an opportunity to link back to the main website. This will increase traffic, aid with SEO, and increase overall brand awareness. 

Remember, for this to be effective; it’s necessary to create quality content. It may be smart to hire a professional to help with this. Be sure the blog posts don’t seem like advertisements. If a potential customer believes they are trying to sell something, they are much less likely to engage with the post or even recommend it to people they know. 

Increasing Brand Awareness for Your Client’s Sites 

There’s no question that brand awareness is a huge part of modern marketing. If you don’t implement brand awareness strategies as part of the services you provide your clients, now is the time to do it. 

If you need help with this, our team at Outsource My SEO is here to help. We can provide the services and solutions you want and need to ensure that you get the results for your clients that they expect. 

Remember, like many other parts of marketing, brand awareness is not a set-it-and-forget-it thing. You must create new strategies and efforts to ensure that the business remains in the consumer’s mind. This is something that will pay off in the long run.