The average business owner knows very little about creating effective marketing strategies. This is why most entrepreneurs hire marketing agencies to help them out. If you own a business that provides online marketing services to businesses around the world, then learning how to keep your clients loyal and engaged is important. 

There are thousands of marketing agencies currently operating in the United States. This means that modern business owners have many options when it comes to who they can hire for their online marketing needs. The following are some common problems that can cause an SEO agency to lose clients and what you can do to avoid these issues. 

Outsourcing SEO Overseas

As a marketing agency grows, it will be increasingly difficult for the owner to handle every facet of their operation. Instead of hiring more team members to lighten your workload, outsourcing certain parts of your operation to professionals is a good idea. An overwhelming number of marketing agencies use SEO outsourcing to their advantage. 

Hiring the cheapest SEO outsourcing agency to help you out is a bad decision that can come back to haunt you. SEO outsourcing companies based overseas tend to create content that is both filled with grammatical errors and devoid of personality. 

If a client sees subpar content on their website, they might get angry and fire your marketing agency. This is why using an American-based SEO outsourcing provider to create engaging content for your clients is important. 

Keeping Clients In The Dark is a Bad Idea

If a business owner is paying a marketing agency lots of money for their services, they will want to see a return on this investment. Some marketing agencies make the mistake of keeping their clients in the dark regarding the results their campaigns are producing. If you don’t show a business owner how you are working on their behalf, they might find another agency to work with. 

This is why you need to provide your clients with a summary of the work you’re doing and a performance report on a monthly basis. By providing clients with this information, you can show them that your agency is passionate about keeping lines of communication open. Making time to go over the reports provided to your clients is also a great way to keep them loyal and engaged. 

Failing to Educate Clients

Another mistake some marketing agencies make is failing to educate their clients. If your clients have no idea how SEO works, it will be hard to convince them of your worth. This is why taking some time to talk with clients about marketing challenges and the path to search engine dominance is vital. 

Not only will this help you relay important information to your clients, it will also allow you to build a solid relationship with them. Discussing things like industry trends during these meetings is also a good way to develop new blog topics with your client. 

If you are currently making these mistakes, you need to make changes before you start losing clients.