Developing effective and successful marketing strategies for your clients is a surefire way to make your marketing agency successful. Getting to know the industry a client operates in is crucial when trying to create a customized marketing approach. One of the best ways to reach a client’s target audience is by providing them with valuable content. 

The average business owner spends over $10,000 a year on content marketing campaigns. If you want to provide your clients with the content marketing results they desire, staying on the cutting edge of this type of marketing is crucial. Read below to find out more about content marketing trends you need to embrace. 

Optimize Content For Voice Search

In the past few years, the people using voice search technology online has increased substantially. With the help of voice-activated technology, consumers are able to find what they need online quickly and efficiently. When using voice search, most people will speak their commands in the form of a question. This means that long-tail keywords need to be used to optimize the content on a website for this type of search. 

Educating yourself about voice search keywords is crucial when trying to drive more traffic to a client’s website. One of the best ways to optimize content for voice search is by writing blogs that answer frequently asked questions. This type of content will rank high because it directly addresses the query made by people using voice search. 

Modern Consumers Are Hungry For Personalized Content

The longer a business has an operational website, the easier it will be to collect consumer data. Finding out more about the people that visit your website allows you to create personalized content. Segmenting an audience with the help of data is crucial when trying to develop great content. Trying to provide one-size-fits-all content to consumers can be disastrous. 

Consumers generally respond better to content that has been personalized to fit their needs and sensibilities. Getting to know consumer demographics, objections, priorities and preferences can also help a business develop new products/services. With the use of personalized blogs and emails, a business can showcase its knowledge of its customer base. These personalized messages can help a business generate more leads and grow its bottom line. 

Interactive Content is Extremely Popular

If you want to help your clients take their marketing campaigns to the next level, there is no denying the importance of interactive content. Consumers in the modern age have much shorter attention spans than consumers of the past. This is why you need to work on providing them with engaging content that gets your client’s message across. 

With the help of interactive content like surveys, polls and quizzes, you can attract the attention of consumers with ease. Sharing this type of interactive content on social media is also a great way to drive more traffic to a client’s website. 

As you can see, there are a number of content marketing trends you need to pay attention to.