Web development and web design are core offerings of any web agency. However, several options exist if you want to increase the services you offer. You can grow your revenue and agency by adding the right services. 

Chances are, you already offer affordable SEO for small businesses and the services mentioned above. Now it is time to add complimentary services to your clients that will benefit their online presence, visibility, and more. 

Some of the top services to offer are listed here. 

1. Content Writing 

One of the top additional services to offer your clients is content writing. You may already have a talented team of writers (which is great); however, if you don’t, you can always outsource these services. 

The fact is, having unique, well-written content is a must in the digital marketing realm. Because of this, you need to offer it to your clients. 

Most businesses need a lot of written content, which includes knowledge base content, website copy, newsletters, press releases, FAQs, blog posts, and more. It is one of the best extra services you can begin offering your clients. 

2. Email Automation and Marketing 

When compared to other marketing strategies, email marketing offers the most ROI. In fact, studies have shown that for every dollar that is spent on email marketing, the return is around $42. Because of this, you should consider offering email marketing services to your customers or clients. This is a great way to increase your business’s income. Not only that, but email marketing will benefit their business in big ways. 

If you want to find a way to complement the core web development and design services you offer, then email marketing makes sense. Along with creating email content, you can also provide your clients with templates while managing their lists. 

You may also want to include email automation solutions. This will include creating nurturing campaigns to help your clients build relationships with potential customers. Most business owners have no problem paying more if you can help them create an effective email marketing strategy. 

3. Analytics 

Business owners must understand their audience to succeed. Since this is the case, why not offer this as a service? 

If you have experience with PowerBI or Google Analytics, you may want to offer analytical analysis as a service to the clients you serve. You can even break this down into a few different services, such as the following:

  • Establishing analytics for your clients. With this, you would connect accounts or forward the data from the website in question to PowerBI. 
  • Reports. It is also possible to prepare reports on the overall performance of a client’s website based on the information that is gathered. You can use helpful solutions like Google Data Studio, which will allow you to create accurate reports and then send them to your clients. This is going to help them better understand the performance of their website. 
  • Analysis. It is also possible to provide a unique analysis from yourself or your team. After that, you can advise your clients regarding what they can do to improve overall traffic. It is a great way to help customers better understand how their website performs and what can be done to improve it. 
  • Establish data storage. A service that is not as well known as you can begin to offer your clients relates to setting up data storage. This is a great service to offer if you work with larger clients. 

4. SEO Services 

SEO is another big way to provide your clients with more value. The term “search engine optimization” or SEO focuses on several elements, such as keyword research, website performance, competitor research, and on-page optimization. 

You can offer SEO services like keyword research by leveraging tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Ahrefs. With this, your clients can refocus on content that is doing well in their industry or niche. You can also advise on improving meta descriptions and titles and on-page optimization. 

5. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Services 

Offering your clients paid ad strategies is a smart way to generate more revenue. It is also great for your e-commerce customers to generate more customers. 

While organic search results are important, it takes time to rank in these. If you offer PPC to your clients, they can begin to see almost immediate results. 

Your PPC services should include writing the content for the ad, creating links to the right landing pages, setting up the UTM links, and tracking how well the ads perform. Some of the clients you serve are probably entrepreneurs. Because of this, they may have no idea how PPC works. By offering this solution, you can ensure your clients benefit from PPC without having to figure everything out independently. 

6. E-commerce Store Management 

You can provide solutions for e-commerce store owners. In this case, consider offering store management services. 

E-commerce is a fast-paced business, and for those in this field to succeed, they must remain updated. You can assist with this by setting up a store and managing it for your clients. 

If you don’t want to go this far, then consider consulting services. If you have experience with this, you can give your clients the advice and support to succeed in this space. 

Providing Your Digital Marketing Clients More Value with New Services 

As you can see, you can offer more than a few additional services to your clients. Be sure to keep these in mind, which will help you get the results your client hopes for. 

If you are a web agency that wants to offer more services to your clients but you do not have the in-house staff to do this, you can turn to our company. At Outsource My SEO, our team of professionals offers affordable SEO for small businesses and can provide all the complimentary services mentioned here – and others.

The first step is to contact our office so we can learn about what you are doing now and how our company can help.