Google continues to get smarter and more powerful. It can now analyze and understand web pages better than ever.

As Google improves its abilities, you have to keep up. Failure to do this may result in your site falling in SERPs. Now is the time to learn what you can do to help keep your site at the top of SERPs, regardless of Google’s changes.

Improve User Experience

Google’s goal for searchers is to find the best results possible. If they have failed on this front, they are much less likely to use the search engine ever again. With that in mind, Google does this well, so it is the biggest search engine in the world.

You have to consider Google’s goal of providing the best possible results when optimizing a site for SEO. Sites that are not high quality are much less likely to link. Google is getting better and better at determining the quality of a site.

If your website appears amateurish, outdated, or untrustworthy, or if it loads slowly, visitors are going to quickly bounce back to the SERPs and click on a different result. This means you lose a possible conversion, and your bounce rate is going to go up.

Reducing the bounce rate means that people are spending more time on your site. In Google’s eyes, this is because they find the information useful. Since Google’s goal is to provide the best results possible, this will help increase your rank.

Create Easy to Read and Scan Posts

Another tip you may find helpful when trying to increase your organic rankings is to optimize your content for readability. There are a few tips that will help you do this, which include:

  • Write quality content
  • Create shorter paragraphs
  • Used mixed sentence lengths
  • Add images and screenshots
  • Leave plenty of white space
  • Add bullet points
  • Include sub-headers

Optimize Your Site for Voice Search

Today, more people than ever before own a smart speaker. As a result, you can no longer ignore the importance and prevalence of voice search. This is something you need to include in your SEO strategy.

People use different words when searching by voice than they do by text. Because of this, you have to meet these search standards to ensure you are showing up for all search results, voice, and text.

Design Your Site with Mobile in Mind

Voice search is important, but you must also create a site that has a mobile-friendly design. This is something that is no longer an option – it is a must-have. More people than ever before are shopping via their mobile device, which is why you need a site optimized for mobile.

If you aren’t sure how to implement these requirements, contact the professionals. They are going to help ensure you get the desired results for your site and that it will show up in search results. Being informed is the best way to ensure your site looks amazing and that it is easy to find by searchers.