Helping clients boost their online visibility is no easy job. By helping your clients create an online presence, you can provide them with a steady flow of sales leads. Assessing which marketing channels to use for your clients will require some time and research. 

Business owners in the United States spend up to 8% of their annual revenue on marketing campaigns. If a business owner has entrusted the development and implementation of new marketing campaigns to your agency, you need to meet and exceed their expectation. Read below to find out more about some effective marketing channels you can’t afford to ignore. 

The Power of Organic Search

Driving modern consumers from search engines to a client’s website is important. Landing a client’s website at the top of Google search engine results pages will require hard work. The main thing you need to do to achieve this goal is to optimize the content on a client’s website. This optimization process should include things like:

  • Implementing popular keywords into a client’s website content
  • Internal/external linking
  • Earning highly-coveted backlinks
  • Increasing page load speeds

The best way to figure out where to make changes on a client’s website is by performing an extensive audit. Once this audit is completed, you can develop a list of things you want to alter to improve the rank of a client’s website on popular search engines like Google. 

Email Marketing is Effective

Collecting contact information from the visitors of a client’s website can be helpful. Learning how to use this contact information to grow a client’s bottom line will take time. One of the best ways to use a long list of consumer email addresses is by starting an email marketing campaign. Most consumers prefer being contacted via email by businesses they engage with. 

Investing in email marketing campaigns is beneficial because it allows you to do things like:

  • Quickly reaching your collected audience
  • Provide potential customers with personalized content
  • An affordable means of increasing sales leads
  • Email marketing campaigns are easy to measure

When conducting email marketing campaigns for your clients, be sure to track how well the content provided to the recipients is doing. With this information, you can easily optimize email marketing content in the future. 

Don’t Ignore the Benefits of Social Media

If one of your client’s main goals is to build their online presence, you can’t ignore the benefits of using social media. Developing profiles for your clients on popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter is a great way to increase the number of leads they receive. The key to keeping the followers on these platforms engaged and interested is providing them with a steady supply of quality content. This content should include things like surveys, memes and links to new blogs on your website. With an active social media presence, your clients can expand their online reach in no time. 

By using the marketing channels mentioned in this article, you can help your clients achieve the lead generation goals.