Over the past year, the number of marketing agencies in the United States has grown by over 15 percent. Owning a marketing agency gives you an opportunity to make a great living by helping business owners. However, if you do not focus on keeping your clients happy and engaged, it is only a matter of time before they seek out the help of your competitors. 

Millions of dollars are spent by business owners in the United States annually to improve their online presence. Making the business owners you help feel like their money is being well spent should be one of your top concerns. Doing this can help you keep these clients loyal. 

Are you trying to improve your client retention levels? If so, we have some great information for you to check out in this article. 

Provide Clients With Easy To Understand Reports

Most marketing agency owners spend lots of their time figuring out how to land new clients. Many of these agency owners fail to realize that they will spend more money trying to attract new clients than they would upselling their existing clients. If you are looking for a way to keep your marketing clients happy and eager to spend more with your agency, you have to show them that their marketing investment is paying off. Doing this is easy if you provide clients with easy-to-understand reports. 

When first landing a new client, you need to figure out what metrics are most important to them as it relates to their marketing campaigns. These metrics will generally include number of website visitors, website bounce rate and other similar key performance indicators. With easy-to-understand reports, your clients can see how well their marketing investment is panning out. 

Being Reliable Pays Off

When selling your marketing packages to new clients, you will need to detail what your agency is going to do on their behalf to expand their reach online. Creating content, optimizing it with links and performing onsite SEO enhancements can be time-consuming. If you are having problems keeping up with the demands of your clients, then outsourcing your SEO is a wise move. 

Allowing our team to handle crucial tasks like creating blogs and keyword research will free you up to focus on other aspects of your business. With this extra time on your hands, you can easily find new clients. 

Host Monthly Meetings With Your Clients

One of the main hurdles you will face as the owner of an online business is the lack of face-to-face interaction with your clients. If you have clients stretched all over the globe, you will have to think outside of the box when trying to connect with them. Scheduling monthly video conferences with your clients is a great way to personalize your approach and find out where improvements need to be made. 

Showing your clients that you are attentive and committed to helping them accomplish their marketing goals is the best way to keep them loyal.