Effective Tips to Improve Landing Page ConversionsA landing page isn’t the same thing as a traditional webpage. The purpose of these is to encourage someone to complete a certain step or goal. The goals vary from one industry to another, stage in the product journey, and based on the product or service in question. 

If you have an eCommerce landing page, the goal may be to add a product to the cart or to buy something now, and for B2B companies, it may be to view a product demonstration or sign up for a free trial. No matter the goal, there are effective ways to test and improve your conversion rates through your sales and marketing funnel. 

Determine What Factors Have Led to Your Current Conversion Rate

You won’t understand the right way to increase conversions until you figure out why visitors to your page don’t convert. The good news is, there are several ways to analyze the different parts of your landing pages. 

The audit of user behavior for your current landing page provides you with plenty of helpful insights. You can use a website heatmap to gain insights from the elements on the landing page that generate the most and least amount of attention. When you have these insights, you will be able to optimize or fix problem elements, like an image or CTA button. 

Create a Single CTA (Call-to-Action)

Every landing page you create should have a single goal. It could be to get someone to fill in a form, download something, or take another action. Everything should be focused on the page – copy, design, visuals, etc. It should all be designed to align with a single call to action. 

Take steps to declutter your landing page as much as possible. Putting a clear, easy-to-find CTA where visitors will find it intuitively when they land on the page is a must. By doing this, you are going to increase the likelihood of increasing your conversions. 

Introduce and Test New Landing Page Elements

Optimizing your website’s landing pages is an ongoing process. You should learn something each step of the way. 

The best practice is to keep tweaking and replacing elements on the pages you create and experiment with new ones. You should also experiment with new colors, images, CTAs, copy, headings, and more. Take time to move things to different locations on the page, change up the design, and try to find ways to improve conversions. 

Experts recommend changing all the elements, testing continually, and documenting everything you learn during this experimentation. You can also use A/B testing to analyze the effectiveness of the elements that you change or alter. 

Are Your Landing Pages Living Up to Your Expectations? 

Are your landing pages as effective as they can be? If not, now is the time to use the tips and advice found above. Doing so is going to help you optimize the effectiveness of your landing pages and generate more conversions. In the long run, this is going to help any business achieve more success.