Do you want to win new clients? If so, now is the time to put more time and effort into your professional SEO proposals. 

The SEO proposal is your sales pitch. You must convince a new potential client that your company is a good fit for their needs. A prospective client is probably going to be reaching out to several SEO agencies. Having an actionable and clear proposal is the best way to stand out from your competition. 

Knowing what to include in your proposal is key. Keep reading to learn about the most important elements to include. 

Start with the Introduction

Start your proposal by introducing your company. Let your potential client what makes you a good (hopefully the best) fit for their needs. 

Remember, this proposal is your sales pitch. You have to sell your agency and build credibility. Later in your proposal, you can get more into the specifics and costs.

Some of the things you should cover in your introduction include:

  • Differentiating factors
  • Experience
  • Team introduction

Make sure the introduction doesn’t take very long. While it’s a crucial part of your proposal, you want to avoid stealing the spotlight. The client wants to know specifically how you will help them grow their business. 

Present SEO Specific Insights 

This is the “meat” of your entire presentation. You need to show the specific insights you have acquired related to the client’s current SEO efforts and performance. This helps to build quite a bit of credibility and trust. This is also when you will show a client you have taken time to understand their issues and goals, researched their website, and personalized the proposal. 

Pitch Your Solutions

Here you can get into the projects and tasks you will take on as part of the SEO campaign. For example, do you plan to offer link building? Provide the details of what this includes. 

You should also highlight the deliverables. This will ensure a client knows what to expect each month. Make sure the deliverables are quantifiable and specific. 

The Goals

Create and set SMART goals that you will work to achieve on behalf of your client. To set goals like this, you must have a general idea of what you can achieve based on the success you have seen in the past with other clients. Don’t just create goals based on your “hopes.”

You can also use information from the client’s Google Analytics account or get an estimate of the traffic they receive before you send a proposal. This is going to give you a starting point for the goals. 

The Timeline

While SEO takes time, there are many people who don’t realize that. Be sure to include a timeline in your SEO proposal so that your client knows what to expect and when. 

When you get the proposal right, you won’t have a problem generating new clients. Take some time to consider the factors here and create a pitch that will help you land new clients and keep them happy throughout your contract.