There is nothing better than a quality website page visitor. They are the standard marker for a person who is interested in your company and typically the primary source of remarketing campaigns throughout all platforms.

However, this is a standard that was set several years ago. Back then, audience building, and tracking were still new, social platforms were also new on the scene, and privacy laws were not even being considered. Today, websites are more complicated, and tracking is much more advanced, providing even more control.

Social media platforms offer more ways for users to engage with your business, even if they never visit your website. Privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA are also impacting audience building.

While things are more complicated today when it comes to your PPC campaigns, there are specific engagement triggers you can leverage to maximize exposure. These engagement triggers and actions will help you ensure success.

Engagement Triggers You Can Leverage in Your PPC CampaignsAmount of Time on Site

An individual who is willing to spend more time on your site is considered more of a qualified lead than someone who spends less time. You can use the time on site triggers to create content for users who spend a certain amount of time on your site.

Depth of Scrolling

Some webpages are significantly longer than others, and some may have more information stuck at the bottom. If someone doesn’t scroll at all on your page, it may be a sign of a lower quality user. This is also a sign of how people are engaging with your site. You must figure out how to adjust the page to entice them to learn more, even if that “more” is slightly further down.

Several Page Views

Do you remember the last time you visited a site where you were not interested in what was offered and browsed five or more pages? The answer to this is literally – never. No one has time for that. Like time, the more pages that someone visits on your site, the more qualified they likely are.

Page Followers and Likes

On LinkedIn, Facebook, and many other platforms, you can create audiences of users who are following your page. This is similar to a page visit to your site, but a bit further because the customer has opted into the business’s “fandom” on some level.

Now is the time to leverage these users.

Page and Post Engagement

Along with followers, it is also vital to create audiences of people who interact with specific posts or with your page. These are usually on Facebook, but there are other options available, too, depending on the platforms you are leveraging.

Are You Ready to Improve Your PPC Engagement?

When it comes to PPC engagement, utilizing the available engagement triggers is invaluable. If you are unable to provide this service for your business or clients, hiring a third-party service provider is the smartest option. This is going to pay off and ensure the highest level of success possible.