The survival of every business depends on ongoing business and conversions. However, the only way you get conversions is by generating leads. 

Because of this, lead generation is the top goal of most businesses. 

In fact, it is so important that most businesses invest a lot of money in their marketing strategy to generate quality leads and turn them into real, paying customers. 

However, lead generation is not a small part of marketing. It begins when someone lands on your site and lasts until they make a purchase. During the process, your lead will move through various stages. Some will even leak out of the sales pipeline you have created. 

As you work to generate leads for your clients and get them to the point where they convert, you will likely notice areas where they “leak.” This point needs improving to ensure this trend doesn’t continue. 

While this is true, other tips can also help with lead conversion for your client’s businesses, which are found here. 

Understand Your Client’s MQLs

Is your goal to help your clients attract more MQLs? 

If the answer is yes, then you must understand the MQLs from the start. You can’t give them the proper marketing message if you don’t know what a lead needs. 

When trying to generate MQLs, you must capture their attention first. You need information about the leads, such as their interests, pain points, and other facts. 

The better you understand your client’s leads, the faster you can help convert them into a true MQL. 

Data is extremely important when it comes to converting and capturing more leads. It is estimated that most marketers are now more focused on generating relevant information about their target customers than on creating relevant marketing content

Connect with Existing Customers

Before looking into the sales pipeline to find qualified leads, connecting with existing leads is necessary. Repeat customers are the same as golden tickets for a business. 

These people are already familiar with the brand, product, or service. As a result, minimal efforts are needed to convert them again. Additionally, repeat customers tend to spend more than new ones. 

Because of this, you need to reach out to your client’s current customers and offer something they will find valuable to motivate them to act. An example would be creating a personalized email marketing campaign for current customers and providing them with deals or discounts based on prior purchases. 

Understand Where Your Client’s MQLs Spend Time

You can find several options to connect with leads and potential leads. Everything from a blog site to social media can be used for this purpose, giving several touch points regarding your client’s MQLs. However, there is no point in trying to find MQLs everywhere. 

As a marketing professional, it is up to you to know where your client’s MQLs are and how to reach them effectively. After all, how will you ever effectively reach them if you don’t know where they are?

Because of this, it is necessary to evaluate lead information to know where it is possible to connect with them. 

It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into marketing your client’s brand on various channels – all these efforts will be useless if you don’t create a presence where potential customers are spending time. 

Create Content that MQLs Want

There is no question that content marketing is still one of the most powerful techniques available for generating high-quality leads. However, if you use generic content marketing, you won’t attract MQLs. 

You must create content that is specific to MQLs if you want to move them forward in the sales cycle. At the start of the sales pipeline, each lead will have a unique mindset and requirement. 

This is when they are still searching for a possible solution to their problems. As a result, the potential lead actively engages in content that will solve their problem with minimal promotion. 

However, an MQL will already be in the pipeline and familiar with the brand. There is no need to use an indirect approach with them. Instead, get to the point and show how this product (the one your client offers) is better than what is offered by the others. 

MQL content needs to be forward and educational. This means telling an MQL what they will gain by using the solution offered. Using statistics, research papers, and case studies can be beneficial when trying to educate MQLs.

Revisit the Sales Funnel

It is a good idea to analyze the sales funnel for your clients. This is a simple and impactful way to generate more qualified leads. Be sure to track all the actions a lead takes at different stages. You should also see what marketing efforts generate the most responses from potential leads. 

Taking time to retrace the sales funnel will help you know where the lead currently stands. However, as mentioned above, lead generation is a long and challenging process when you first get started. Because of this, there is the possibility that some leads will leak from the funnel due to negligence or external factors. 

When this method is used, it is possible to determine why your client has a low lead conversion rate. It is also possible to determine what marketing strategies convert the most leads. This knowledge will be beneficial when trying to convert more leads to MQL status. 

The Secret Sauce to Marketing Success 

When it comes to marketing success for your clients, there are more than a few factors to consider. Be sure to keep the tips and information above in mind as you work toward creating more MQLs for your clients. While this process requires time and effort, it can pay off significantly in the long run. 

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