You know every penny counts if you run a charity or nonprofit organization. So do all traffic sources to your site, which includes organic traffic from search engines. 

The question you may have is – how can you increase traffic and visitors to your site? 

Keep reading for some effective and proven tips you can try. 

Maintain a User-Friendly Site with Good SEO Health

One of the first things to consider is the technical fundaments of your site. This includes things like missing meta tags, issues with crawling and indexing, and slow loading times. All these things may result in a poor user experience. Don’t worry; this is something that happens to all websites. 

Some tips that you can take to help reduce these issues include:

  • Using a free tool to evaluate and grade your website’s current SEO health
  • Eliminate all pop-ups
  • Be sure the site’s layout is consistent, clear, and usable
  • Optimize the site for mobile devices
  • Optimize your website for the Core Web Vitals

Have Your Site Listed in Directories 

Keywords used by charities and nonprofit organizations are typically extremely competitive. Your best bet is to have your site listed on pages that rank for these keywords in these situations. 

One way to do this is by getting your site listed on various charity and nonprofit organization directories. 

Along with helping you rank better, being listed in these directories can increase your credibility, too. For example, if a searcher intends to find a list of nonprofit organizations, then a “nonpartisan” result is considered more credible. 

However, there’s more to this tactic. While you will get visibility and traffic, you also earn a backlink when you are listed on these directories. Every site that you are listed on means another backlink

Search for Unlinked Mentions of Your Organization 

Charities and nonprofits usually use PR. Because of this, they will get coverage in the media. Believe it or not, this can also lead to SEO benefits. The key is to find the mentions of your organization and then turn them into links. Another backlink (especially on a credible news site) will boost your SEO “juice.”

Keep in mind that if you want to turn these mentions into links, you will have to contact the site owner to see if they are willing to do this. 

Answer Requests from Journalists 

Being covered by the media is a must for any nonprofit or charity organization. It helps to increase brand awareness while shaping PR. If the coverage is online, it will also help to improve search engine rankings. 

Because of this, be sure to answer any questions or requests from journalists. The more you can get your organization’s name published online, the better SEO results you can achieve. 

Helping Your Nonprofit Clients Achieve SEO Clout

If you have nonprofit clients that are struggling to achieve the desired results with their website, one of the best things you can do is to use the tips here. Doing so will pay off and help ensure that they are visible in search engines.