Campaign Management

We manage the account under a MCC account that is setup in your name.  This gives you full control over your customers accounts and makes it easy for us to manage multiple campaigns anonymously.

Bid Management

Weekly we monitor and adjust bids to improve the campaigns performance.  We increase bids at core times as needed to maximize conversions and lower them at non peak times to get the best bang for your buck with the ad spend.

Ad Design

We will design 2 dynamic banners that will scale to fit most devices.  Design, copyrighting, stock photos are all included.  The ads are used for display campaign as well as retargeting.

Weekly Management

Weekly we login to your customers account and review settings.  We clear out notifications as well as make adjustments as needed to improve the overall quality score of the campaign.  We check bids, position, ads, quality score, keywords and more.


We design and setup Google retargeting ads to help maximize the overall ad spend.

Conversion Tracking

We setup conversion tracking with the campaign.  More advanced tracking is available and we can setup lead funnels to help ensure proper lead follow up.

Monthly Report

Monthly we will provide an account overview report.