The average business owner is more than willing to spend money to grow their online audience. Many entrepreneurs found out just how important having an online presence was during the pandemic. As the owner of a digital marketing agency, you have to work hard to produce results for your clients. Creating digital marketing campaigns that actually get results can help you keep your clients loyal. 

In the past years, business owners in the United States spent over $285 billion on digital marketing campaigns. If you want to have success when developing and implementing SEO campaigns for your clients, then you need to put the tips in this article to use. 

Start By Establishing Your Client’s Goals

Before you can start to plan out the details of a client’s SEO campaign, you need to find out more about the objectives they want to accomplish. If a client is concerned with driving more traffic to their website, then implementing the development of new blog content on a weekly basis is important. Clients that are solely concerned with enhancing their online brand visibility will need to build their presence on social media. 

Some of the most common SEO objectives your clients will have include:

Once you know what goals your client wants to accomplish, you can start constructing a personalized SEO campaign.

Develop New Content

One of the best ways to help your client meet their SEO campaign goals is by developing high-quality content for their website. As the Google algorithm crawls a website, it will look at a number of different factors related to the content on the domain. This complex algorithm will consider things like content length, page structure and internal links. 

If any of these elements aren’t optimized for search engine success, it can affect how well your client’s website performs on Google. One of the first things you need to do before writing new content for a client is keyword research. Identifying trending keywords in a client’s industry can help you come up with topics for their blogs. You also need to make sure the new blog content developed for your client features an appealing title and an easy-to-scan page structure. 

Marketing Metrics That Matter

The only way to see how well the marketing campaigns you’ve developed for clients are performing is by monitoring certain metrics. These metrics include:

  • Conversion rates
  • Bounce rate
  • Amount of organic traffic
  • Keyword ranking
  • Number of impressions
  • Indexed pages

Providing clients with a quarterly report featuring these metrics is a good idea. By doing this, you can show a client how much your agency is helping them in their pursuit of search engine dominance. Providing these reports can also help you keep your clients loyal and engaged. 

Creating successful SEO campaigns consistently will allow you to grow your marketing agency. Outsourcing some of the work involved in optimizing a client’s website for success can make your life much easier. If you are interested in doing this, Outsource My SEO can help.