Preparing for a new year is challenging, and it is hard to know what’s coming in terms of digital marketing. However, this year, you should expand your affordable SEO for business offerings to your clients to help them achieve more success than ever before. 

One way to do this is by helping your clients grow their client base. 

While this may seem impossible, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to help your clients reach their growth goals in 2023. 

Find Out What Is Working 

Before you start something new, it is important to review what is working and what needs to be changed. Some examples of things that may need to be updated include the following:

  • Does the client’s site need more content?
  • Does the client’s site need more focus on lead generation?
  • Does the client’s website need to be updated to offer a more modern and appealing design?

When you ask and answer these questions, you will be on track to find the things that require your attention immediately. At this point, you can focus on fixing what is not working or eliminating them and working on areas that are working and providing value for your clients. 

Establish Goals and Milestones

If you don’t have established business goals for your clients, then your strategy has no direction. When you have business goals, you will create a sense of purpose for your clients and a goal to ensure they are met within a certain time frame. 

Along with providing direction for the business, spelling out the goals that you have for your clients impacts everyone and helps them work toward the same end goal. 

When setting goals, remember SMART. This means that you ensure your client’s goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. 

Develop Unique Value Propositions for Your Clients

Being able to help your clients define their unique value proposition is an important part of any sales and marketing activities. The unique value proposition shows prospects why they need to use your client’s services rather than doing business with the competition. 

Now is a good time to help your clients move away from the pricing for the unique value proposition and help them show the value in what is being offered and how it benefits their prospects. When the right value proposition is established, it is possible to help set your client’s business apart from the competition, help their prospects know what is being offered, and attract relevant prospects. 

Utilize Proven Closing Tips to Make More Sales

The marketing activities you establish for your clients will be effective or fall flat. It is important to evaluate what is being done now and change them if needed. This will help any client, regardless of their industry, get more customers and sales. 

There are a few ways to close a sale. While this is true, some tried, and true tips have been effective for years. Some of these include the following:

    • Now or never closes: Try creating an offer featuring a unique benefit and a sense of urgency that will encourage a prospect to act now. 
    • Summary closes: Create a document that restates what the prospect has agreed to and use this to encourage them to commit. 
    • Sharp angle closes: Catch potential clients by surprise by agreeing to the reductions or add-on requests and introduce the close when doing this. 
    • Question closes: A way to address a prospect’s objection and push the sale is with a question close. 
    • Assumption closes: Assume only good intent from the beginning of the sales process, providing credibility and authority to how prospects interact. 
  • Take-away closes: Remove any feature from the offer and provide a potential client with a discount. This is a smart strategy for a client that loves the offer but is worried about the cost and where affordable SEO for small businesses comes in. 
  • Soft closes: State the benefit of the offering and leave room for the prospect to learn more about it, which will also let your client learn more about their business. 

Create and Implement a Sales Enablement Framework 

Sales enablement helps fuel content tailored to your client’s prospect’s needs, pain points, feelings, and thoughts. This is done by using insights that have been gathered from prior sales. Utilizing sales enablement involves focusing on the content that will help the sales team nurture prospects throughout the sales cycle. You can look at this as a fusion of marketing and sales activities that yield quality results. 

Utilizing sales enablement allows you to help your clients close business deals much faster, improve the overall sales process, and improve your client’s interactions with buyers and prospects. 

Invest in Self-Promotion for Your Client

Encourage your clients to spend money on self-promotion. This can help build the brand and result in the brand achieving much better results. In today’s crowded cyberspace, your clients must take steps to ensure that their business is found instead of the competition. 

Achieving Significant Growth in 2023

Offering your clients affordable SEO for small businesses is a great first step in helping them achieve their goals. However, you cannot afford to stop there. 

It is important to ensure that you are taking all the necessary steps to help your clients reach their growth goals. Remember, each client is unique, and taking the time to develop a unique strategy is imperative. 

If you can’t handle the work this entails, then it may be time to enlist the services of a professional marketing agency that offers white glove services to ensure you can provide your clients with the quality results they want, need, and expect. 

At Outsource My SEO, we provide these services and ensure that you can help your clients see the expected growth – and surpass it – in and beyond 2023. Are you ready to get started? If so, the first step is to contact us and set up a consultation so we can evaluate your needs.