No matter what you are doing online, aesthetics is important. This is even true when it comes to content creation. 

It’s worth noting that the way people consume media today has changed drastically. Some people get news through “alerts” or by checking social media platforms

If you are managing your client’s website, and it isn’t properly formatted, chances are people will see that and bounce away quickly. This can be devastating for small businesses. Because of this, it is up to you to make sure the blog is as visually appealing as possible, which will help you increase engagement with the digital brand. Keep reading to learn how to do this. 

Break the Text Up into Bite-Sized Sections

It’s important to keep paragraphs to just two sentences when blogging. This is something that many new website owners have a hard time understanding

If you fill a blog post with long paragraphs, it will look like a solid wall of text. At this point, a visitor will move on to something that’s easier and faster to consume. 

Stay concise when writing, too. Figure out what you need to say, then say it in as few words as possible. 

Add Pictures to Improve Your Message 

Pictures are invaluable when it comes to breaking up your content. When someone hears information, they are asked about it three days later; they only remember about 10% of what was said. However, if you pair the information with an image, the same person remembers about 70% of what was said three days later. 

It isn’t enough just to add images. You need to make sure the images you add reflect and match the message and topic. 

Get More Attention with Video

Videos are even more effective at demanding attention than pictures. Millennials between 14 and 25 spend more time streaming video content online than they do watching TV. 

The average person’s attention span today is much shorter than it was in the past. Videos don’t require as much of a time commitment as reading through long blocks of text does. 

Videos also look nice when they are not playing and are a good way to make any blog appear more visually appealing. This is especially true if there is a bold text overlay present. 

Use Color

There is a good reason that McDonald’s chose red and yellow for their brand. These are warm colors, which create feelings of excitement and passion among people who see them. 

While you may not have the next McDonalds, finding and using the right colors for your blog will pay off. 

Optimizing the Impact of Your Client’s Blog

If you want to ensure your client’s blog is not only seen but read, make sure to implement the tips above. Doing this will help ensure the desired results are achieved and that the blog is effective when it comes to generating interest and keeping visitors engaged. Keep in mind, these are just starter tips, so there are other effective steps to take, as well.