The idea of managing a paid search marketing campaign may feel overwhelming – especially for a local business owner who has so many other responsibilities to handle. Keeping up with your constantly changing industry requirements along with day-to-day affairs, can leave you feeling stretched thin and having no time to navigate these sometimes-complex platforms alone.

While this is true, there is help available. Keep reading for some helpful tips on creating a paid search strategy that will cater to your local business’s needs.

Use Google’s Tag Manager to Track Conversions

A challenging but essential aspect of paid advertising relies on the ability you have to track conversions. If you are new to digital marketing, conversions are the actions you want people to take once they have clicked through on the ad you have created.

For example, if you have an ad that directs someone to a web page featuring a sign-up form, and they submit their information, this counts as a conversion. For some businesses, such as flower shops or restaurants, this is the completion of a reservation or order.

If you have limited experience with web development, the process to set these up may be challenging. The best way to create conversion events is by using Google Tag Manager for your business’s website. This allows you to create events where you want them.

Set Up a Call Extension

If you are like most local business owners, you want to give potential customers a number they can call – especially in your paid ads. It is easier than some people think to create call extensions in your ads. Choose the campaign to add the extension to and then choose “Ads and Extensions,” which is found on the left-hand side. Choose “Extensions,” followed by the “+” sign, and then “Call Extension.” Once you have done this, you can add your business phone number to your paid ads.

This provides an “extension” to the ads, which is another option for people to click through if they want to call your business rather than visiting your website. For many people, this is going to encourage them to click through and take the desired action.

Refine Your Targeting

Targeting is considered one of the top three core considerations when developing your paid strategy. For a local business mainly, targeting is essential if you want to reach people nearby. You can make the changes needed in the location settings. This is going to provide you with the results desired for your local business.

Seek Help for Your Local Targeting Efforts

If you want to ensure your local paid ad efforts are as successful as possible, be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind. You can also reach out to the professionals, who can provide even more information, insight, and assistance to achieve the desired results. By taking the right steps and using the right professional services, you can enjoy paid advertisements that help you get the results expected.