Are you a business who is new to the world of digital marketing? If so, you may believe the common misconception that social media and SEO (search engine optimization) are completely separate entities, with each one operating in their own world with set goals. However, organic social media marketing and SEO actually work together to help create value and offer relevance for your audience.

If you want to create a good digital marketing strategy, you need to have social media and SEO plans that work together. Here you can learn more about how SEO works alongside social media to attract more visitors.

Promote Your Content Using Social Media

One way that social media indirectly helps your ranking in search engines is through content promotion. Even if you write, record, or film an array of quality, keyword-optimized content, it may not get the views desired. However, with social media, you can promote the content you created, ensuring more people see it.

In fact, social media is considered the most effective and easiest way to push out SEO-based content. The links coming in from social media shares won’t have the same impact that authentic links from higher quality sites do; they can help influence the engagement time on the site and the bounce rate. If you create quality content and visitors hang around to read it, the engagement metrics indicate value to search engines.

Encourage More Engagement with Social Media

Another way that social media can improve a site’s SEO is with increased engagement. If someone finds your content useful and they share it on a social media platform, it isn’t a ranking signal for search engines. However, engagement is.

If you take advantage of social media and use it to promote your highest quality content, you need to remember that engagement is considered for SEO. Engagement will help you improve your online reputation but also helps you make connections and generate new leads for your business.

If your content gets a lot of engagement through social media, then the platforms will rank it for its cover topics. To determine engagement success, algorithms look to see if people engaged. If more people did engage, it is a sign the algorithm is displaying the best content. If they didn’t, the systems would use other content instead to generate more interest.

Social Sharing Results in Link Building

Social media can help create high-quality, authentic links from quality, influential websites. Many influencers will use social media just as much as anyone else does. When you have your content “out there” on the same channels the influencers are on, there is a chance they will see it and link to it from their own blogs or websites. This level of high-value link building provided by influencer marketing is hard to generate if you aren’t using social media.