Investing in SEO is a smart way to improve your clients’ site’s visibility and conversions. An effective email marketing campaign helps to increase engagement with your client’s audience. 

Just imagine if you could combine these two digital marketing strategies. The results would be epic. 

However, it is important to note that combining these efforts takes a smart strategy and careful planning. 

While this is true, it is possible. Some tips to help you do this can be found here. 

Use Keywords in Your Email Campaigns

People searching for your client’s services or products are the same ones receiving emails. Using keywords in the email subject, content, and any corresponding SEO campaign makes sense. 

Doing this in a user-friendly, natural way will be good for the SEO campaign, and using this strategy when creating emails will make them even more interesting and readable. 

It is possible to use long-tail keywords, and while they may have a lower search volume, these are more relevant and targeted. Also, ensure the emails sent out don’t seem spam. Keep them specific to the audience to help improve total engagement. Using anchor texts through the email campaign to link the website to the email will help boost SEO results, too. 

When selecting keywords, focus on the right ones for the campaign and your website. This is going to help you achieve the best results. 

Automate Campaigns to Create a Consistent Flow of Traffic to the Website

All types of industries, from sales to healthcare, integrate automated campaigns, such as CRM Automation, Marketing Automation Analytics, and Advertising Automation. They also utilize automatic phone dialers to help their business reduce costs, save time, and increase productivity. 

An automated email campaign can also help create consistent flows of traffic to the website, which will boost SEO significantly. With automated email sequences, it is possible to show new subscribers the best content available with no additional time or effort. 

The emails will generate more traffic to the website, which is a sign to search engines to increase the website’s rank. Since people who subscribe to receive emails are already interested in the content, they will be much more likely to engage when visiting the website. The search engines see this, which will increase SEO results. 

Utilize Insights and Data to Optimize List Personalization and Segmentation

It is possible to analyze the SEO datav collected to see who is most interested in the business and the products they look at. The analysis will help to improve segmentation and ensure quality personalization in an email marketing campaign to improve engagement. 

For example, different age groups may sometimes be interested in unique products. By figuring out who is responding to specific SEO terms, it is possible to avoid overwhelming some people with irrelevant information, which ensures a more targeted and effective email campaign. 

Repurpose Your Newsletter Content Across Various Channels

Having a quality content strategy proposal is necessary to engage the audience and make them interested in what is offered and the business as a whole. However, it takes quite a bit of effort to create. 

When you repurpose content across various channels, you can optimize these efforts. It also helps to create more brand continuity. 

If there is great content on a website or in the business newsletter, it is possible to repurpose it for the email campaign. Additionally, having a clear brand narrative ensures that a business can maximize its resources and efforts. 

These are smart marketing psychology hacks to perfect email marketing. 

Use the Same Language Across All Marketing Channels

Consistent brand voice and formatting across all channels, including marketing events and direct selling, can help with SEO and engagement. Email headlines and article titles need to be interesting and catchy. 

The body of the text for website content and emails needs to be easily read and understood. If the website content is taken and used for email, social media, or other purposes, it should be condensed but written in similar language. 

Emails also need call-to-action buttons. After getting the audience’s attention through an email, be sure they know where to go to find more information. This may be social media pages, a blog, special offers, or something else. The goal is to drive more traffic to the website. 

Monitor and Measure Email Campaigns

It is important to figure out which emails provide the best results. For example, which emails increase website traffic and sales by quoting apps or providing additional, measurable results? Doing this makes it possible to determine the key phrases that are working with the customers your client is trying to reach. Once data and information are found, they can be applied to the SEO campaign. 

Utilize A/B testing to compare the success of different emails and determine what works best for the bigger email marketing strategy. 

If emails start to flag, it is a good idea to create a re-engagement campaign using the collected data to rebuild the connection that was once there with the audience. 

Creating a Better Experience for Your Clients and Their Users 

When it comes to ensuring your clients appease their audience and provide the best possible experience, there are many factors and elements that go into it. 

As an SEO service provider, you likely have plenty of tasks to handle for your clients. If that is the case, and you still want to implement the SEO and email elements to work together, we are here to help. 

Our services ensure you can provide your clients with the results needed without taking on more work. You can outsource these needs to us and feel confident the desired results will be achieved. 

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