The sales funnel is a tool to help you visualize the way users interact with a business and the stages they go through to make a buying decision. This is the basics of a sales funnel, but there is more to it than just that. 

When you help your clients by creating a smart, well-crafted sales funnel that will also provide helpful insights into the user journey. These insights can be used to find the shortcomings in your marketing strategy while increasing overall conversion rates. It does not matter how deep the sales funnel goes or how complex it is; when the information it provides is used, it can optimize the strategy and provide direction-based marketing efforts. 

Here you can learn some helpful tips to increase the effectiveness of your client’s sales funnel. 

Depending on the business model and niche in question, the tips can help you ensure your clients have a steady influx of new customers, improve engagement with current customers, and boost conversion rates. 

Generate More Web Traffic

An important step to take when optimizing your client’s sales funnel or marketing strategy is a quality source of consistent web traffic. If you do not have significant traffic, you may not have the information required to make quantifiable decisions. Also, when you generate traffic, it serves the initial stage of any sales funnel, which is awareness. 

You can use several strategies to increase traffic, which include the following:

  • Create quality content regularly. 
  • Invest in search engine optimization.
  • Share content via social media.
  • Invest in guest blogging. 

Build an Interesting and Attractive Lead Magnet 

Getting traffic to your client’s site is the first step when using a sales funnel. However, you can drive all types of traffic, but nothing will work if you do not have an attractive lead magnet. 

The lead magnet is what will convert random visitors to subscribers you can continue to nurture and eventually sell to. 

Figure out what your client’s readers are searching for and what they want or need. Once you have this information, create a lead magnet focused on this, then offer it to them for free. Also, you need to ensure there is a well-designed and written landing page. 

You can use pop-ups to redirect traffic from another web page of your website to the landing page where a visitor may download the lead magnet. Once this is done, you collect email information, creating the contact. This helps push the random visitors to your client’s website into the established sales funnel. 

Promote the Lead Magnet You Create

Instead of sharing blogs and pages from your website, consider promoting the lead magnet on various social platforms and forums. This will send traffic to your landing page and likely increase how many subscribers sign up. 

If you have enough of a budget, it is also possible to run ads via Facebook and other channels to help you get more subscribers and traffic in a shorter amount of time. 

Use an Email Drip Campaign

After you have generated enough leads, you can create an email drip campaign for your client. This will help to nurture leads and let them know more about the industry, provide information about your services or products, and share information that the people receiving the emails would want and appreciate. 

When creating the email drip campaign for your clients, you should pre-plan the emails’ content and timing. The sales funnel you create will dictate a portion of the content. Also, the frequency and timing of the emails will vary, and it is smart to test and optimize to see what works best for your clients. 

Create a Tripwire Offer 

At some point, it will be time to sell to the email subscribers you have collected. There are two basic ways to do this. One is to sell the core offer. This is the most popular option. 

Another option is to create a tripwire offer for your client to offer their customers. Once the offer is created, you can segment the email list based on this. A tripwire offer is a more strategic option that will result in better results over time. 

The tripwire offer is a smaller item that is used to help separate potential customers from freeloaders. Because this is a low-friction, low-cost offer, the targeted people will be much less hesitant to make a purchase. 

After the payment is made, then the customer is in a “buying” mentality. This will likely eliminate their concerns, opening them up to additional transactions. 

The tripwire offer created could range from $0.99 up to $7. It is best to keep it under $10. Usually, the lower it costs, the better. Some businesses may even experience a loss at this point. It happens and, at this point, moves to customers who have moved further into the sales funnel. 

Nurture Leads

Once the tripwire campaign is in place, it can segment people into two groups. The ones who made a purchase and the ones who did not. 

It is necessary to keep nurturing the former group using informative emails and drip campaigns. However, the second group is the one that deserves more attention and focus. These are the people who are willing to pay. 

At this point, sharing testimonials and case studies are smart. Show how other customers’ lives have improved and that their problems have been solved after using the service product. If possible, share data and facts. This can make the product or service even more tempting. 

Creating a Profitable Sales Funnel

When it comes to creating a profitable sales funnel, there are more than a few things to consider. If you are trying to do this for your clients, the tips above will help. 

If you need assistance handling this, contact us. We offer affordable SEO for small businesses and can take on some of the work your agency does for its clients. We are here to support and complement the amazing services you provide.