How To Foster Great Relationships With New ClientsOver the past few years, the amount of money spent on digital marketing has grown substantially. As the owner of a marketing agency, your main goal needs to be attracting new clients and keeping them loyal. This may sound like an easy task to accomplish, but it will require lots of hard work. As you start to land new clients, your main concern needs to be developing lasting relationships with them. 

Far too many marketing agency owners focus on the next sales leads rather than fostering relationships with their existing clients. Making this mistake can cost you dearly in the long run, which is why you need to work on fostering great relationships. Accomplishing this goal will be easy when following the tips in this article. 

Provide New Clients with Proper Onboarding

Signing on with a new marketing agency is something millions of business owners do each year. There are a variety of things that you can do to make new clients feel welcomed and informed. One of the best ways to provide new clients with useful information is by sending out onboarding packets. These packets should feature information about what your marketing agency will do on behalf of the new client. 

You also need to provide information about what metrics you will track and when reports will be generated for the new clients. With this onboarding packet, you can easily set expectations for new clients and show them that you can deliver. The last thing you want is for a new client to feel confused, which is why onboarding packets are such a good idea. 

Request Feedback From Clients

Some marketing agency owners fail to stay in contact with their clients. If your clients are only hearing from you once every couple of months, they might start feeling neglected. In some cases, feelings of neglect may drive clients away. Instead of losing clients because of this mistake, you need to reach out to each one on a regular basis. 

If you want to make your agency profitable, then you have to find ways to give your clients exactly what they want. Figuring out what your clients want will be much easier if you ask for consistent feedback. During your calls or emails with clients, asking for this feedback is important. Once you have this information, you will have no problem keeping your clients happy and loyal. 

Use Technology To Your Advantage

Rather than calling your clients all of the time, you need to take advantage of the technology at your disposal. Most business owners prefer receiving emails from the marketing agency they have hired. You also need to think about using popular messaging apps to stay connected with your clients. Giving your existing clients various ways to stay in contact is a great way to show them you are available and ready to meet their needs. 

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