Business owners typically hire marketing professionals because they want to develop an online presence. A key component of a company’s online presence is their website. If your client’s website isn’t filled with new and engaging content, it will be hard to get them the results they are after.

Millions of new blog posts are created online every day. With all of this new content, it can be hard for a business to gain traction. If you want to help your client cut through the noise and gain a wider audience with their content, here are some things you need to keep in mind.

How To Keep the Content on a Client’s Website Fresh and EngagingPersonalize the Content

One of the main mistakes most business owners make when it comes to developing new content for their websites is making the tone too salesy. While it is acceptable to integrate sales-based content on your client’s website, you need to look beyond selling and get personal with the audience. Most consumers want to deal with brands that showcase their human side.

This is why you need to work with your client to develop content that shares a personal story or offers the reader some insight into the values a company holds dear. With the addition of this personalized content, you can help your client attract a larger audience. Adding personality to new content is also a good way to keep your client’s existing customers loyal and engaged.

Highlight The Successes Your Client Has Experienced

Helping a client keep their customers loyal should be one of the main concerns you have. Most people want to use businesses that they feel are growing and prospering. Rather than making consumers guess about how successful your client is, you need to address this with a blog post. Staying in contact with your clients is a great way to find out about recent awards or expansions.

Taking notes when these issues are brought up is crucial when trying to develop accurate blog content for a client’s website. Highlighting industry awards or positive customer reviews is a great way to help a client position themselves as a leader in their industry.

Develop Product/Service Reviews

When potential customers land on your client’s website, they will be in search of information about the products/services they offer. One of the best ways to provide this information is by developing reviews about the products/services they offer. This type of content should feature both written and video elements.

By using a mix of different media, you can provide consumers with an in-depth breakdown of what is being offered. Including testimonials from customers who have used these products/services is also a great form of social proof. When used correctly, these reviews can help your client land lots of new sales leads.

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