When you search for something on your phone, there’s a good chance you are using a talk to text feature rather than typing in your query. That’s the easy, convenient way to search for what you are looking for quickly. 

Voice search lets you dictate what you are looking for and see results with no typing required. While voice search isn’t new, some people still haven’t put time and effort into optimizing their site for it. If this is the case for your clients, now is the time to encourage them to make a change. 

The Voice Search Difference

Voice and text searches aren’t the same. Because of this, you must optimize your site based on what someone would say when searching for something. 

Some of the ways that voice search is different include:

  • Highly personalized: People could type questions one way but have a different way of phrasing the same question when using voice search. Because of this, sites must be personalized for each potential searcher.  
  • Better understanding: Today, interactive voice searches use natural speech levels and AI, which means they can better understand what people say than search engines, such as Google, where words must be typed precisely to achieve accurate results. Because of this, AI and voice search can disambiguate keywords that text searches may not catch, making voice search more efficient. 
  • Accessible and convenient: Usually, text-based searches are more challenging to use and take longer, while voice search is simple and quick. 

Optimizing a Website for Voice Search

Now, it’s easier than ever to optimize your website for voice search. Some tips include:

Prioritize the Use of Long-Tail Keywords 

When using voice search, people will use the most conversationally and longest keywords to find what they are searching for. It is much easier to search for long-tail keywords when you can speak, rather than having to type.

Create Interactive Content

The top websites for voice search include interactive content that’s easy to understand and engaging. You need to make sure to focus on this when optimizing a website for voice search. 

Leverage Repetitive Phrases 

It’s smart to include repetitive phrases in the body of your site’s copy, which will make it easier for those searching by speaking out loud to find what they are looking for. It will also make your optimization work more efficient since you don’t require as much unique content on the page if you repeat or hide it in other sentences. 

Create an FAQ Section 

FAQs also offer interactive content for a website. It’s particularly important for voice search because people will be using the feature to ask common questions. 

Optimizing Your Client’s Site for Voice Search

As you can see, there are more than a few benefits offered when you optimize a client’s site for voice search. Keep the information above in mind and reach out to the professionals for more help. They can ensure voice search optimization is handled properly and effectively for any site.