How To use Email Marketing To Find New ClientsGrowing your marketing agency requires lots of hard work. As the owner of a marketing agency, you need to find various avenues to use to find and land new clients. Having a detailed online marketing strategy is a great start when trying to grow the number of leads you generate. You also need to realize the benefits that come with using email marketing to find new clients. 

Over 80% of the American population uses email on a regular basis. When properly structured, an email marketing campaign allows you to find a new audience for your marketing services. Here are some things to consider when trying to effectively use email marketing. 

Use Landing Pages to Gather Email Addresses

The first thing you need to focus on when trying to use email marketing for your agency is acquiring the email addresses of interested business owners. One of the most effective ways to do this is by developing landing pages for your website. These pages should be designed to provide potential customers with specific information about a particular part of your marketing agency. 

On these pages, be sure to include contact forms where interested business owners can enter their email addresses. Once you have a long list of these email addresses, you can start to develop the message you want to push to potential clients. When designing these landing pages, you need to make sure they are both appealing and fast. Providing potential clients with a smooth and seamless landing page experience can help you make a great impression on them. 

Be Clear With Your Email Message

Sending out emails to potential clients will only be successful if your messaging is clear and concise. If you send a potential customer an email that is confusing or poorly designed, you will have a hard time winning them over. Laying out what your agency offers and how it can benefit the recipient of the email is a must. 

Before sending out an email to the addresses, you have acquired, run the message in question by a trusted member of your staff. Getting input from members of your team can help you figure out where changes should be made. 

Highlight Your Reputation

Winning over the recipients of your marketing emails is difficult. One of the main things a business owner will want to know about your marketing agency is what type of reputation it has. Instead of making potential customers do extensive research to find this information, you need to include social proof in your email message. 

Including positive reviews from past and current clients can help you greatly when trying to get business owners to pay you for marketing help. Asking your existing clients for positive reviews is crucial when trying to compile a war chest of social proof. 

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