Around 88% of Americans reportedly do online research before using a product/service offered by a new business. As the owner of a marketing agency, you need to put your best foot forward when trying to attract new clients. Crafting an online presence for your marketing agency will require a lot of hard work. When trying to convince potential clients of your marketing knowledge and experience, you will have to display certain trust signals.

The lack of relevant online trust signals can make expanding your reach nearly impossible. The following are some important trust signals business owners want to see and how they can help you grow your client base.

Positive Client Reviews

A website is one of the most important digital assets a marketing agency owner has. Ideally, you want to pack your website with relevant information and trust signals. One of the main things a potential client will want to know about your agency is how well you have performed for past clients. The best way to show them this information is by compiling and displaying positive reviews on your website.

Promoting positive reviews on the homepage of your agency’s website is a great way to ensure potential customers see them. If you are doing your job and producing results for clients, obtaining positive reviews shouldn’t be a problem. Reaching out via email to your clients and asking for these positive reviews is the only way to start stockpiling and displaying this important trust signal.

A Professional Looking Website

The first impression a potential client develops about your marketing agency will usually come from your website. If a potential client feels like your website is poorly designed or cluttered, it could affect their decision to use your services in a negative way. This is why you have to constantly review your website and make appropriate changes to keep it updated and fast.

Slow page loading speeds can get in the way of attracting quality sales leads. If you start to notice your website is loading slowly, then getting to the bottom of this problem is imperative. You also need to review page and blog content to ensure it doesn’t need to be updated with new information. Staying on top of these essential website elements can help you make a great impression with this digital asset.

A Presence on Social Media

If you want to spread the good word about your marketing agency to the masses, then you have to do more than maintain your website. Setting up profiles and engaging with users on popular social media platforms is a great way to grow your brand. Regularly creating posts on these platforms detailing what your marketing agency can do for struggling business owners is also a good way to attract high-value sales leads with the help of social media.

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