When devising a marketing campaign for a client, making a list of the goals you want to accomplish is imperative. The more you know about what your client needs, the easier it will be to create a tailor-made marketing campaign. For most business owners, boosting online visibility and generating more sales leads are some of the main things they want to accomplish with their marketing campaigns. 

A recent study found that over 61% of marketing professionals claimed that online lead generation was one of their biggest challenges. Generating sales leads for your clients will be even harder if you make the mistakes mentioned below. 

Failing To Develop Content For Every Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

When trying to attract attention from online consumers, you can’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to content development. Failing to chart the buyer’s journey and develop content for each stage can make generating quality leads difficult. You need to realize that people just discovering a business you are creating marketing materials for will need different content than buyers who are ready to make a purchase. 

Realizing these different needs and creating specific content for each of the stages of the buyer’s journey can be beneficial. If a consumer feels like they are receiving content that is specifically tailored to their needs, they will be far more likely to use the products/services offered by your client. 

Buying Leads is a Horrible Idea

Taking shortcuts when it comes to lead generation is a mistake that can come back to haunt you. Attempting to buy email lists in an attempt to generate leads for your client will usually produce lackluster results. Rather than going this route, you need to build these email lists organically. 

Buying email lists can lead to you inheriting a list of email addresses that are unverified and basically useless. Even if these email addresses are active, there is no way to determine if the person using them will be interested in the products/services offered by your client. 

This is why collecting the email addresses of people who have actually visited your client’s website is important. With these email addresses, you can accomplish your lead generation goals with ease. 

Ignoring the Lead Generation Power of Blog Content

Marketing professionals use a variety of tools in their attempt to generate leads for clients. While things like PPC and email marketing campaigns can be an effective way to generate leads, you also need to realize the importance of optimized blogs. 

Filling the blog content on a client’s website with relevant and popular keywords can help you attract motivated consumers. At the end of each of these blogs, you need to have a call-to-action that is designed to move a consumer to the next stage of your sales funnel. When properly created, blog content can help you generate lots of leads for your clients. 

By avoiding the lead generation mistakes mentioned in this article, you can produce the results your clients are after.