Must-Have Marketing Tactics for 2020As 2020 trudges on, digital marketers have to adjust tactics and strategies to meet this new buying environment. While AI is continuing to grow and impact the way businesses interact with their audiences and customers, there’s also a shift to a more online world, with issues like COVID-19 changing the world.

As the older trends and methods are fading away and many disappearing altogether, getting to know and understand the shiny, new trends are essential. While this may seem overwhelming at first, and many marketing agencies are struggling to adjust to the “new normal,” there are some tips that can help.

Knowing how to ensure your clients are still reaching their customers depends on how informed you are. Some new tactics you can begin to employ in your client’s campaigns are found here.

Expand Beyond Guest Posts for New Links

While SEO is essential, it is becoming more challenging with each passing year. Google is always changing its algorithm, and the importance of guest posts for search rankings is likely going to diminish slightly in the coming months. If you have an SEO strategy that is wholly based on guest posts, diversification is crucial to maintain your ranking.

Make an Investment in Original Research

With guest post links waning, content creators are searching for new ways to build inbound links. An excellent way to go about this is by conducting research that is valuable to the specific industry. Original research will provide your clients with something to share with the entire industry, exciting and new. It also creates more motivation to link because it is based on real data and will become a talking point for others in the industry. This means that original research will receive quite a bit of earned social and media coverage, which can help boost your client’s search rankings.

While there are some industries and organizations that use original research to boost authority and inbound links, in 2020, this is something that will become even more important.

Use Medium-Tail Keywords

Today, using long-tail keywords isn’t a strategy that is used much. Google has never revised the algorithm that will comprehend what is meant by similar, longer keywords. This means that long-form content that speaks at length about a subject can achieve a higher ranking than shorter posts that focus on these specific keyword phrases.

Understand Where National and Local SEO Begin and End

SEO was straightforward in the past. There was just one algorithm to figure out. Since that time, Google has changed its ranking methods significantly. For example, franchise SEO requires the use of a blended approach that includes local and national searches. Understanding where these tactics start and end is crucial to developing an effective plan.

If your marketing agency is overwhelmed with the changes Google is making and how to ensure clients continue to rank well, now is the time to seek assistance. This will ensure the desired search ranking can be maintained for your clients.