outsourced SEOA content pillar is a core topic or theme your target audience wants to know about. When you use content pillars, they can be a powerful tool to help your client’s websites become more authoritative.

Even better, there is no limit to how many content pillars you can create.  

However, if your marketing agency is small or you have limited resources, adding a new service to your offerings may be impossible. This is where outsourcing SEO services come in. 

With the right provider, you can have pillar content for your clients, help them achieve results, and avoid the additional costs of hiring more people to handle the job. 

Are you ready to learn how pillar pages and outsourced SEO can help ensure your client’s marketing success? If so, keep reading. 

SEO Boost

For SEO, content depth and quality are no longer optional; they’re imperative. Google’s algorithms have become increasingly sophisticated. Now, the algorithms prioritize websites that offer valuable, in-depth information over those that simply cram keywords into shallow articles. 

This is where Pillar Pages come into play. These are exhaustive guides. They are centered around a specific topic related to your field. They also encompass all the sub-topics that fall under the umbrella of the primary subject matter.

For law firms, a Pillar Page might cover topics like “Family Law,” “Intellectual Property Rights,” or “Personal Injury Cases.” This offers readers a one-stop resource for all their queries. There are two main benefits of this:

  • Establishes your firm as an authority in that subject
  • Significantly improves the possibility of ranking higher in SERPs (search engine results pages)

By doing so, you’re not just targeting a single keyword but an entire topic cluster. This gives you a wider net to capture potential leads. If you outsource SEO tasks to experts, they can strategically identify topic clusters and keywords. This will help to ensure that your Pillar Page is optimized for both readability and search engine performance.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is like the unsung hero of SEO. It’s a tactic that might seem inconsequential initially but plays a significant role in enhancing your site’s authority and user experience. Pillar Pages are a centralized hub for all content around a particular topic. This makes them a natural anchor for internal linking. 

When you link to articles, blogs, and case studies from inside your Pillar page, a few things happen. These include:

  • Enhance user experience
  • Distribute “link juice” throughout your website

For instance, within a Pillar Page about “Employment Law,” you could internally link to articles discussing “Wrongful Termination,” “Workplace Discrimination,” or “Employee Rights.” This interconnected web of content makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site and index pages. The result is improved SEO ranking of each linked article. 

Also, a well-structured internal linking strategy can help keep visitors on your site longer. This helps to reduce bounce rates and increase the likelihood of conversion. 

When you outsource SEO and content creation, professionals can meticulously plan out these internal linking structures. When this is done, you can feel confident that each link serves a purpose and adds value to the reader.

User Experience

One of the most crucial aspects of successful content marketing is the ability to offer a seamless, beneficial user experience. Pillar Pages excel in this area. When a potential client lands on a Pillar Page, they find a repository of knowledge.

It addresses not just one question but a whole array of queries and sub-topics related to a main subject. For law firms, this could range from providing a complete guide on “Estate Planning” to an exhaustive resource on “Corporate Litigation.”

The benefit? 

Users don’t have to jump from page to page or from site to site to get the information they need. Everything is available in a structured, easy-to-navigate format. This makes their search more efficient and effective. It also adds credibility to your firm and fosters trust among your audience

If you opt to outsource SEO and content creation, experts can conduct thorough research to identify what your potential clients are looking for. Once known, Pillar Pages addressing those needs can be created. 

outsourced SEO

Increased Dwell Time

Dwell time is the time a visitor spends on your website after clicking through from a search engine. It is an often overlooked metric that can have a significant impact on your SEO rankings. Search engines interpret longer dwell times as a signal that your site provides valuable content. 

When this happens, it can boost your site’s authority and ranking. Pillar Pages are perfectly designed to contribute to increased dwell time.

By offering exhaustive, valuable information on a single topic, Pillar Pages encourages visitors to spend more time exploring what you have to say. They are likelier to scroll through the content, click on internal links, and even delve into related resources. 

All these activities contribute to a longer dwell time. This will send positive signals to search engines and increase the chances of conversion. If you’re working with an outsourced SEO team, they can utilize analytics to measure dwell time and other engagement metrics. They can use the results to refine your Pillar Pages effectively.

Authority Building

If you want your client’s businesses to stand out among the competition, you must help establish them as an authority. Pillar Pages can help with this. They are a testament to the knowledge and expertise on a specific topic. It also helps to set the business apart from the other businesses. 

When visitors find a comprehensive resource that addresses their needs and answers their questions, they are more likely to view your brand as an industry leader.

For example, a Pillar Page on “Criminal Defense Strategies” that covers everything from pre-trial motions to appeals can serve as an invaluable resource for someone facing legal challenges. This not only boosts your reputation but also enhances your credibility in the eyes of potential clients. 

If you decide to outsource SEO and content creation, ensure your service provider understands the importance of creating Pillar Pages. Also, reiterate that they are not just keyword-rich but also deeply informative and up-to-date to genuinely establish authority.

Improved Site Structure

A well-designed Pillar Page doesn’t just benefit the audience. It also brings structural advantages to your website. Think of it as the hub in a wheel, with spokes leading to various related topics (your blog posts, case studies, etc.). This creates a logical flow of information. This flow makes it easier for users and search engines to navigate your site.

When search engine bots crawl your site, a clear, logical structure enables easier indexing, positively impacting your rankings. For users, the benefit is a more intuitive and satisfying browsing experience.

They can easily find what they’re looking for or discover related content that could answer questions they didn’t even know they had. Outsourced SEO experts can ensure that this structure is implemented correctly. This will help to maximize the benefits to your site’s SEO and user experience.

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Lead Generation

The ultimate goal of any content marketing strategy is not just to inform but to convert. Pillar Pages are particularly effective at this. A well-written Pillar Page will attract visitors who are genuinely interested in the topics you specialize in.

By offering valuable, in-depth information, you are building a relationship with potential clients. It makes them more likely to trust you for the product or service you offer. 

A well-crafted Pillar Page can also include strategically placed calls-to-action (CTAs). These will encourage visitors to take the next step. Examples include signing up for a newsletter, downloading a free resource, or reaching out. 

These CTAs can turn a casual visitor into a qualified lead, making your Pillar Page a powerful tool for lead generation. When you outsource SEO and content tasks, skilled professionals can integrate these elements seamlessly. They will work to make your Pillar Page informative and a highly effective tool for conversion.

Higher Ranking Potential

A top ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) can be likened to hitting a moving target. The algorithms are always changing. However, one constant remains: search engines reward comprehensive, authoritative content. 

This is where Pillar Pages shine. These exhaustive guides go beyond surface-level information to provide deep, meaningful insights into specific topics. They are designed to cover all the bases, answering a wide range of queries related to a core subject.

When you opt to outsource SEO, experienced professionals can help you maximize this potential. They do this by conducting keyword research, optimizing meta descriptions, headers, and images, and ensuring that the content is not only detailed but also technically sound. As a result, you increase the likelihood of your Pillar Page ranking high on SERPs. This will drive organic traffic to your website and improve your overall digital footprint.

Attract More Customers with Pillar Pages

Are you ready to attract more clients? If so, pillar pages are a must. You can use the services of an outsourced SEO provider to ensure you get the desired results for your client’s websites.