Are you one of the many business owners who decided that outsourcing your SEO work overseas is smart? While this may make sense to some extent, it will likely cost you in the long run. 

A better option is to choose a domestic white lable SEO professional to help with your SEO efforts. Some reasons you should avoid taking your business overseas can be found here. 

Poor Quality Results from Overseas SEO Companies  

It’s important to note that this isn’t an all-inclusive statement. However, some overseas SEO providers will provide subpar results for your campaign. This doesn’t mean they are all bad, but there are definitely some “bad eggs” vying for your business. 

A challenge that you face when trying to vet these offshore SEO services is whether their results are effective. While they may have testimonials, there’s probably no way to meet one of the professionals face to face. Because of this, when you hire an overseas company, you have to hope for the best. 

The Language Barrier 

Another challenge faced by outsourcing your SEO work overseas is the language barrier. Most clients that come from the “western world” don’t speak the same language as the SEO professionals they hire. Even if the SEO pros have some knowledge of the English language, this is usually a second language, which means they are unlikely to be fluent in it, and there will be misunderstandings. 

Also, if the company is hired for copywriting, the content may seem choppy and foreign, which could hurt the company in SERPs and other ways. Hiring a whitelable SEO company in your area or at least in the U.S. means that you have content created by individuals who speak English as a first language. This will improve its quality significantly. 

Potential Exploitation 

A main selling point for outsourcing your SEO work overseas is that it is cheaper. That’s because most offshore companies operate at lower rates. Unfortunately, it also means that workers aren’t paid a fair wage. Again, this may not be an issue with all overseas SEO agencies, but it is a possibility. There is also no real way for you to know if this is the case when it comes to the SEO company you decide to hire. 

Choosing a U.S.-Based SEO Service Is the Best Solution

If you want quality, professional white lable SEO services, then outsourcing your SEO work overseas is not recommended. Instead, stick with a local or domestic SEO provider who offers multiple benefits for your business and your SEO campaign. 

Just make sure to conduct plenty of research and talk to the service provider before you choose one from the options that are available. This is going to help ensure you find a company that can help you meet your objectives and goals. Being informed is the best way to understand why choosing an offshore SEO company is the best option. This is going to pay off and help you achieve the desired results.