Most marketing professionals have clients operating in a number of different industries. If you have clients operating in the world of eCommerce, finding ways to help them improve their websites, increase traffic and lower their bounce rates should be a top priority. The clients you have operating in this industry will look to you for advice on how to improve their websites. 

In the past year, eCommerce websites have generated over $870 billion worth of revenue. Helping your clients increase the amount of revenue their online stores generate will require some hard work. If you want to help your clients make their eCommerce websites more user-friendly, then suggest adding site search features. Read below for some of the reasons why using site search features is beneficial for your eCommerce clients. 

1. Consumers Using Site Search Are More Likely To Make Purchases

Making a website more user-friendly can help its bottom line over time. Whether you are sprucing up  site or completely redesigning an eCommerce client’s website, you need to figure out how to attract attention from online customers. When a person enters an eCommerce website for the first time, they will notice how easy it is to use. 

If a person goes directly for the search bar on an eCommerce website, they are usually ready to buy. These consumers usually know exactly what they want and have a desire to find it as quickly as possible. Many studies have found that consumers using site search features are more likely to make a purchase. By including this feature, your eCommerce client can boost their bottom line in no time. 

2. The Power of Autocomplete

Site search plugins come with a variety of features. Learning how to use these features to help customers is vital to boosting the sales an eCommerce client receives. One of the most useful features you can use with modern site search programs is autocomplete. When a customer enters a few letters of their query, this technology will autocomplete it and offer suggested products for sale. 

Websites with autocomplete and autosuggest features tend to have much higher conversion rates. With these tools in place, you can speed up the search process for a customer and suggest products they are interested in. 

3. Learning From Zero Results Pages

One of the best ways to optimize an eCommerce website is by gathering data. If you start to notice that visitors to a client’s website are consistently searching for products they don’t stock, you need to relay this information to them. By adding these products to their existing inventory, your client can increase the amount of revenue their site generates. 

If your eCommerce clients see that you are constantly trying to improve their websites, they will be more loyal to your agency. When the suggestions you make actually pay off, you can improve your credibility with clients.