SEO is one of the leading marketing channels that provides a positive ROI. In fact, according to a recent report, the average conversion rate for someone arriving at your site from organic search results is 2.8%.

Because of this, having a comprehensive SEO plan is a great way to increase your rank, conversions, and revenue, all at the same time. While this is true, since SEO isn’t all the same, it is challenging to do it on a larger scale. 

Where Project Management Comes In

When you hear of project management such as Waterfall, Scrum, and Agile, you may think of software development. However, it also applies to SEO and can help ensure your clients’ efforts provide the desired results. 

SEO Project Management Defined 

SEO project management refers to the smart use of technical tools, human resources, and time to deliver any SEO-related project with a predefined working methodology. 

Work occurs in “buckets,” and SEO project management defines and distributes the sum of the resources needed for audience analysis, link securing, UI rectifications, on-page optimization, keyword mapping, content audit, and website analysis. Not only this, but it connects them all in chains. 

With your SEO agency, every team member works on different aspects of SEO with a lot of interdependence. Because of this, SEO project management is crucial. SEO projects are highly complex, especially for agencies, where each project uses “shared” resources. 

SEO project management is about guiding team members through project workflows, resources, and goals to achieve the desired results on time. Put simply; it involves planning, monitoring, and executing the activities of an SEO team – just like teams in other industries. 

Benefits of Effective SEO Project Management for Your Agency

Effective project management ensures seamless communication with your team and clients. It provides essential structure to ensure an increased level of reliability and efficiency. Along with this, it creates transparency for your client. 

Other benefits offered by SEO project management include:

  • Ability to maintain seamless communication within your team and with your clients. 
  • Experience effective project prioritization and defined goals and objectives. 
  • Set requirements, dependencies, and responsibilities for every project. 
  • Identify and mitigate roadblocks and risks. 
  • Measure progress with proper project delivery. 
  • Take steps to fix problems faster. 

As you can see, having a smart project management strategy in place will pay off for you and your agency in the long run. 


Tips to Ensure Quality Project Management for Your SEO Agency 

The SEO process is often demanding and laborious. When you are working on several projects at the same time, you have to ensure you are organized and with the right resources for each one. 

Doing this requires you to have a smart SEO project management plan and process. Contact us if you need help with this or other management aspects of your client’s accounts. Our team can help ensure your agency is successful by providing the tools, resources, and expertise needed to ensure the success of any SEO efforts. 

SEO Outsourcing: An Integral Part of Your Project Management Success 

When taking on a new client, you must produce results for them quickly. Properly organizing a new SEO project is the first step in impressing a new client. If you want to fully optimize a new client’s website for SEO success, then outsourcing the work involved in this process is crucial. 

Using a white label SEO service like Outsource My SEO is beneficial for many reasons. Our team of SEO experts will have no problem creating optimized content and performing other on-page SEO enhancements. With this SEO help, you can focus more on other aspects of the project at hand. By working with our team, you can scale your business and improve client retention levels. 

Communicating the Needs of Your Client To a White Label SEO Provider

An experienced white label SEO provider realizes that no two businesses are the same. Making sure your clients get the customized and search-engine friendly content they need to rank higher on Google is imperative. If you want to accomplish this goal, then you need to communicate regularly with the company you’ve outsourced your SEO to. 

During the meetings with your white label SEO provider, you need to provide them with details like:

  • The industry a client operates in
  • The client’s direct competition
  • Examples of previous content
  • The overall marketing goals a client has
  • Information about a client’s brand identity

Your white label SEO provider might also want to know more about your client’s target demographic. This information allows them to create buyer personas they can use during the content development process. 

When used correctly, these personas allow an SEO provider to cater the content they write directly to your client’s target audience. This customized content can attract attention for your client and help them increase website conversion rates. 

Review Reports From Your SEO Provider

When paying a third party to handle your SEO needs, you want to get your money’s worth. Closely monitoring how well a white label SEO provider is performing is crucial to the long-term success of your marketing agency. The best way to get this information is by requesting reports from your SEO provider. 

These reports should include things like:

  • Number of blog leads generated
  • A breakdown of current marketing strategies
  • Information about top-performing campaigns
  • Total website traffic
  • The return on your marketing investment

Once you are presented with this report from a white label SEO provider, you can generate a report with your agency’s logo on it. Passing down this information to your client can prove to them that your agency is working hard to accomplish their marketing and branding goals. 

Don’t Let Your Projects Get Off Track

Growing your marketing agency will be easy if you have the ability to take on new projects and complete them in a timely and efficient manner. An integral part of getting new marketing projects completed for your clients is working with a white label SEO provider like Outsource My SEO.