Improving client retention rates is essential to the long-term success of your marketing agency. If you have clients leaving to seek out the help of a competitor on a regular basis, you will be on a never-ending search for new people to fill these vacancies. Attracting new clients cost a lot more than keeping the existing clients you have loyal. 

Accomplishing this goal will require hard work and constantly proving your value to your clients. If an existing client starts to feel like their marketing campaigns aren’t generating new leads, then they may decide to end their contract with your agency. If you want to highlight your value to marketing clients, then check out these great tips.

Point Out Problems Your Agency Has Fixed 

Some marketing agency owners feel like drawing attention to their hard work is braggadocios. In reality, letting clients know what you are doing for them behind the scenes is a great way to highlight your value. One of the first things you should do when taking on new marketing clients is to do an in-depth audit of their website. During this audit, you will probably uncover a number of problems that are holding the client back from achieving their online potential. 

When these problems are discovered, you need to fix them and make a note of what has been done. Providing your clients with a comprehensive breakdown of the problems you have fixed is a great way to keep them loyal. Letting these clients know what would happen if these problems were not found and fixed is also a good idea. 

Showcase Your Online Presence

Attracting new clients is much easier if your agency has a strong online presence. Highlighting your accomplishments in the marketing industry even after you have landed a client is also important. By doing this, you can showcase how knowledgeable you are and how you are being recognized in the industry for your accomplishments. 

A monthly email newsletter is a great tool for marketing agencies to use. This newsletter provides you with an opportunity to highlight your accomplishments and to create a dialogue with your clients. Your newsletters should also provide information about additional services offered by your agency that clients might be interested in. 

Provide Clients with Monthly Reports

The metrics you track for a client will rely solely on what their long-term goals are. For instance, if your client has expressed an interest in generating more leads with their website, tracking metrics like conversion rates and website traffic is important. 

Gathering this data and generating monthly reports for your client can help you highlight your value. If a client can see the results you are getting in print, they will view the money they pay to your agency as a good investment. 

Using these methods of highlighting your value to marketing clients is imperative if you want to keep them loyal. If you need help with the work involved in optimizing client websites and content, Outsource My SEO has you covered.