Companies in all industries and all sizes have discovered that Google AdWords management is a great way to drive more qualified traffic to their website and help boost sales. This is because Google Ads provides business owners with the unique ability to appear at the top of Google SERPs. Also, companies can maintain direct control over what they are looking for, and you can customize your Google Ads campaigns based on the wants and needs of your customers.

As a marketing agency, you are already wearing many hats and trying to do it all for your customers. With PPC becoming more and more complex, making sure you get it right is (or should be) a top priority. This is why outsourcing these services may be a smart move.

If you aren’t sure it is time for you to outsource your PPC efforts to a third party, learn some of the signs indicating you are.

Signs You Need to Outsource Your PPC ServicesYou Aren’t Checking Clients Google Ads Accounts 2x Per Week

There is no denying that PPC is a very effective and results-oriented method of online advertising. However, it also requires ongoing monitoring and follow-up to ensure the best results are achieved.

While daily monitoring is best, you should make sure you are checking on your client’s Google ads accounts at least two times per week. If you don’t have time to do this, then it is best to hire an outsourced third-party that can.

You Don’t Have Time to Train or Manage an In-House Team

Finding, hiring, and training new employees are one of the highest costs that your business has. The amount of resources and time you put into managing an in-house team grows yearly. This all adds more cost to your bottom line.

Using the services of a third-party PPC management agency, you will be able to access their expertise and knowledge while having confidence that these campaigns are being appropriately monitored. Also, third party companies are usually much more affordable than having a full-time in-house team to handle PPC campaign management.

You Have Started Falling Behind

Have you ever conducted an online search to find out your competition shows up, but your clients are nowhere to be seen? This is one of the most common things that occur with under-performing accounts. You need the insight of professionals to make sure your company receives top quality Google Ad management.

Remember, competition is fierce – in all industries – today. If you attempt to manage your PPC campaign with a minimal crew, or an inexperienced staff, it may result in missed opportunities and wasted spending.

Is Now the Time to Outsource Your PPC Efforts?

When it comes to PPC, there is no question that it may be a good idea to outsource your efforts. In fact, doing this may result in much better results for your company and your clients. If you need help with PPC, and are ready to begin achieving better results, reach out to the professionals.