By now, you know how important it is to advertise your business on Facebook. As a result, you likely post content, fun pictures, and other things throughout the day. However, are you making the most of Facebook for your business?

Keep reading to learn some of the top posts to use to increase conversions and generate more interest in what you offer.

Post Landing Pages for Your Offers Right to Facebook

An effective way to generate leads via Facebook is by sending people to your landing pages, where you have lead-generating offers. When doing this, be sure to add a compelling featured image to your offer. To make sure Facebook chooses the right image from your blog for your post, you must optimize the size of the image for Facebook and then put the proper open graph taps on your site.

You should also make sure the reader knows where you are sending them. If they believe they are clicking a link to a blog post but find they have to fill out a form, they may wind up frustrated or confused. Use the right verbiage to ensure they know what to expect – and then provide this on the page they arrive on.

Post Blogs That Generate More Leads

Another method of generating leads from the content being produced is by selecting the posts that generate the most leads. Post these to Facebook.

The title of the blog will encourage your Facebook followers to click the link and read. Once they do this, they will find a CTA in the post (be sure to add this higher up in the post, close to the introduction) to a solution to their problem or something they are interested in learning more about.

Include Landing Page Links in Image Captions

Visuals, such as videos and images, are essential if you want to create a successful Facebook strategy. In fact, when you add images to your post, you will see 2.3 times the engagement than posts with no images

If you are ready to capitalize on the increased engagement and take advantage of the new lead generation opportunities available, you need to add links to your site in your image description – especially your photo descriptions and profile picture.

Regardless of if it is to lead generation content, a blog post, or an About Us page, links are new opportunities for anyone interested in what you offer to get to know more about your business, and the descriptions used on your cover photo and profile picture are the perfect place to do this.

Making the Most of Your Facebook Posts

When it comes to Facebook posts, making the most of your presence is a must. With the tips here, you can create posts that engage and intrigue your audience. This will help ensure you generate new leads and get more conversions. If necessary, enlist the services of the professionals. They can help ensure you get the desired results and that your lead generation efforts on Facebook are effective.