You know content is king. This is something that’s not poised to change. Even though this is the case, there’s a new player to consider in the world of content – interactive content. 

Interactive content effectively improves the user experience, generates leads, and boosts sales. 

However, it may also help increase customer retention for your clients if used properly. 

Interactive Content Defined 

Interactive content refers to any type of content that requires active and direct engagement from a consumer rather than just passive consumption. 

Usually, people engage with interactive content and never realize it. 

While this is true, some marketers and site owners are not paying attention to what it offers because they believe it is too expensive and complex to create. 

Even though this may seem like the case, you should encourage your clients to prioritize interactive content. That’s because it can be beneficial for customer retention. 

Consider these statistics:

  • 80% of online users watch a video, but just 20% read content
  • 91% of buyers prefer interactive content
  • 360-degree videos are watched 28% more than traditional videos
  • Visual content is up to 40 times more likely to be shared on social media

The data above is proof that interactive content makes a difference. 

Interactive Content Types to Improve Website Conversions

If you want to help your clients improve conversions, now is the time to consider interactive content. Some of the types to consider using include:


Producing quizzes is considered a popular type of interactive content. They are informative and fun. Also, you can use quizzes at all stages of the sales funnel. 

Just make sure the content included is relevant and that everything is personalized. 


Another popular option is infographics. These are colorful, easy, and visual tools you can use to get important information to your users. 

An infographic can be used to show specific data sets that users are looking for. Also, they are more visually appealing than a wall of text. 

Studies have shown infographics receive 72% more views than traditional articles. 


Videos are also considered interactive content. That’s because these are narrative instead of static. 

Today, they are considered the easiest type of interactive content to produce and share in the digital marketing realm. 

While this is true, interactive videos are slightly more complex. In this situation, those watching the videos aren’t just a spectator. They must take part and make decisions. 

Even though this type of interactive content can take more time and money to produce, it’s a great strategy to use if your client has the means. 

Encouraging Interactive Content 

Your clients expect results. To provide these results, you must ensure you employ the latest and most effective digital marketing tactics, including interactive content. 

If you haven’t offered this yet, now is the time to do so. You can generate impressive results with this type of content that your clients will appreciate. If necessary, reach out to the pros, who can help ensure the interactive content you create is effective.