Effective Ways to Sell SEO Services to ClientsAre you struggling to sell SEO services to new clients? You have quite a bit of competition in this industry, so it makes sense.

Also, when you research online, you may find there is a lack of compelling information on tips and methods for selling these services, which makes your job even more challenging. While this is true, all this is about to change.

Keep reading for some effective tips to help you sell more SEO services.

Polish Up Your Value Proposition

When you are communicating with a prospect, you need to ensure that every encounter reflects your underlying value proposition. This is what explains why your service is useful and how your service will benefit the prospect.

There are several ways to develop a value proposition. You can explain how the service you offer will solve your customer’s problems, improve their situation, or tell them about all the valuable benefits it offers.

The bottom line is you want to explain to a prospect the value your services offer. It’s also important to develop a proposition that shows how you differentiate your services from the competition.

Keep in mind though, the value proposition you create isn’t just a positioning statement or strapline. It needs to include specific elements, such as:

  • The headline (summarize the end benefit of your SEO services)
  • Sub-headline or short paragraph (what you offer)
  • Bullet points (features and benefits of your service)
  • A visual element (enhance the value proposition with images or videos)

When creating your value proposition, make sure you remember the four P’s of marketing, too: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

Perfect the Art of “Cold Emails”

For many businesses, the idea of “cold emailing” is bothersome. However, it’s an invaluable commodity you can’t ignore. You have to take the time to perfect your email template and refine your process. While this method can be extremely effective in growing your client list, the wrong email is going to be deleted, which is why perfecting the method you use is so important.

The first chance you have to make an impression is the subject line. You have a few seconds to catch a reader’s attention and if the subject isn’t compelling, the email will be sent directly to the trash. You must also find the right template. This may require A/B testing to see what is getting the best response. Also, when creating an email, avoid spam – this will result in your email never even make it to a prospect’s inbox.

Acquiring New SEO Clients

There’s no question that acquiring new SEO clients can be challenging. However, when you use the right strategy and tactics you will have a much better chance of acquiring these clients. Once you have a client base, consider making your services even more efficient by outsourcing some of the work you are doing. This will allow you to grow your business more, while still ensuring your client’s needs are met.