Video marketing offers an effective way to help your clients build authority and increase leads. However, not all videos are created equal. Because of this, it’s up to you to create the right type of videos based on the goals your client has. 

Some of the best ideas for generating leads and increasing authority with video marketing can be found here. 

How-To Videos (Teach Something)

Showing someone how to do something will always be popular. How-to videos generate a lot of attention because people are constantly searching for solutions and better ways to do things. 

If your client has never created videos for marketing purposes before, this is a great place to start. They are easy to record, and there are many potential topics for virtually any niche or business. 

How-to videos are particularly beneficial for increasing authority because they show the business knows what they are talking about. Also, they provide the opportunity for a unique social selling tactic – show viewers how to do something for themselves what your service or product does. 

While this may feel like you are giving something away, it’s an effective tactic to try. 

Share Industry Insights 

Everyone loves feeling like they are getting an “inside” look at the businesses that offer the services and products they use. This is particularly true when the look comes from an expert who has a unique view of methods, statistics, and trends. 

Industry insight videos are another simple way to get started with video marketing for your clients. All you have to do is get them to talk about their knowledge and expertise in a way customers can easily understand. 

It’s also possible to get the entire team in on these types of videos. These unique glimpses “behind the scenes” will pay off for most businesses to build authority and generate leads. 

Executive Interview Videos

Thought leadership is an effective way to build your authority. However, creating this type of content is challenging because it requires cutting-edge knowledge and experience. 

However, it’s possible to get thought leadership content from C-suite executives because part of their job description is to stay ahead of the curve. Interviewing executives is another quick and easy way to get thought leadership content. 

These types of interviews help personalize the brand and give a face to the business. 

Share Case Studies 

Case studies aren’t new. They have been considered a marketing staple for years. That’s because they work. Since you know they work, why not share them as video content. 

Displaying case studies via video is typically more powerful than sharing one in writing. That’s because you can add video clips of your client discussing their experience. This is much more engaging than just a quote and image. 

Let Us Help with Video Marketing for Your Clients

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