Have you ever tried to build links? For several years, link building has been one of the most difficult and contradictory digital marketing tactics for one, simple reason – if you don’t have links, your content has minimal traction in Google rankings. 

Getting to know the right type of links to build is the best way to ensure you give your website the boost it needs. 

Links from Wikipedia

A Wikipedia link is considered “nofollow.” This means Google doesn’t use them for calculating search rankings. While this is true, they still have some advantages. For example, Wikipedia links send you a steady supply of traffic and they can provide you with even more link-building opportunities. 

Teachers, journalists, bloggers, and virtually anyone who is researching a topic and needs trusted sources will check Wikipedia. If you have a link there, it means you have a citation that will travel from one site to the next, and from one article to another. 

When building Wikipedia links, there are a few rules to follow:

  • Create content that deserves a Wikipedia link. 
  • Don’t get greedy and attempt to get too many links. 

You don’t need an established Wikipedia profile for placing a link. All you need is some type of linkable content item that is considered good enough to be featured. Some items that deserve to be there include:

  • Original reports with statistics
  • Well-researched reviews designed to uncover privacy or security dangers

According to Wikipedia guidelines, you should add external links and there’s nothing negative about self-serving ones. 

Links from Content That’s Trending

Trends are a powerful driving force behind the creation of linkable content. Creating an original article on any trending or popular topic when everyone is looking for new ideas is going to generate new backlinks. 

Keep in mind, not all trends are linkable or obvious. It isn’t always that easy to figure out if a trending topic will generate links or what type of content is going to work. If you want to create a better-informed strategy for link building, focus on fresh links and trends. To do this, see what your competition is up to – it can provide you with a great direction to go in. 

Discussion Board Links

Link building on forums is usually associated with spamming. But this tactic doesn’t relate to forum link building. 

Don’t try to register a new account on popular discussion boards or forums and try to add your own link. Instead, answer some popular niche questions through your website, and forum users will begin to link to the content in the replies they provide – over and over again. 

Creating a content marketing strategy around the process of answering new questions is a great way to generate new, organic links without having to ask for them. 

Creating a Custom Link Building Strategy for Your Website

As you can see, there are several types of links you can use on your website to help increase your rank in SERPs. Be sure to keep this in mind to get the results desired. If necessary, ask the professionals for help.