Technical SEO is a misunderstood part of any SEO strategy. While this is true, it’s essential.

One of the parts of technical SEO that is most neglected is the creation of meta descriptions.

Rather than putting time and thought into what is written, marketers and website owners just write “something.” One reason this happens is that meta descriptions aren’t ranking signals.

While it may not seem worthwhile to spend time on meta descriptions, this simply isn’t the case.

The meta descriptions for a website have a huge impact on potential customers. That’s because they appear in SERPs, right under the link to your page.

If you want to ensure your clients are attracting clients and appealing to their customers, be sure to avoid the mistakes mentioned below when creating meta descriptions.

Don’t Focus on the Characters Only

You only have a set number of characters for your meta description. In the past, you had to keep it around 150 to 160 characters. In 2017, a Google update occurred that increased this; however, today, it’s the 150-to-160-character rule again.

While the information is correct, it’s not always a good idea to stick to the characters. You have approximately 158 characters for desktop computers and for mobile devices, around 120. You can find online tools that will show you how your meta description will look on both desktop and mobile devices.

Don’t Duplicate Your Meta Description

Even though duplicating your meta description doesn’t impact the quality of your website, it’s not a good idea to do it. You can leave this empty, and Google will generate the meta description from the content on the page.

In some cases, a generated meta description looks better than a meta description that is always the same.

Don’t Forget Your Keywords

Make sure you are using the right keywords in your meta description. You want to choose ones that are relevant to the content on your page. While creativity is great, you need to add the keywords that your customers are most likely to search for.

If you don’t do this, search engines will crawl the first sentence with relevant keywords and display that in the search results.

Don’t Write Descriptions with No Flavor

Creating a meta description is one way you can show your creativity. You can stand out when you use the right words. Some tips to help you avoid boring meta descriptions include:

  • Be specific about the offer
  • Get your customers curious
  • Use numbers and symbols
  • Include a CTA
  • Talk about your customer, not you

Creating Winning Meta Descriptions

If you want to create meta descriptions that help you get the desired results, keep the information here in mind. Doing so will pay off and help you pique the interest of your client’s potential customers. If you can’t add this service to your offer, consider outsourcing some of your SEO services. Our team can provide quality meta descriptions that benefit your client’s sites.