Creating engaging and effective ad copy for your PPC (pay-per-click) ads is tricky. If you are in charge of PPC ads for your clients, you will face several challenges to figure out what copy will produce the best results.

Also, the more you think about what to write, the more questions that pop up. For example, how do you keep users engaged? What call to action should you use? If you face challenges creating the “perfect” PPC ad copy, the information here may be beneficial.

Add Your Target Keywords to Your Copy

There are two reasons you should do this. First, these keywords help to keep your target audience engaged with your ads. After all, if someone is searching for a specific term, they will be more likely to click on an ad that has the term in the copy.

Also, something that is even more important is that Google works to deliver the most relevant ads to users based on their search intent. This means they will reward you with improved ad rank when you create ads that tie in a user’s search intent. In the end, this provides more affordable clicks for you.

Get More Granular

This is something that can be time-consuming and aimed at the structure of your campaign. However, it helps to drive improved click-through rates throughout your entire PPC account.

When you make sure your keywords are grouped individually or in themed ad groups, you can create copy that is specific to your user’s intent.

For example, if you create a search campaign for “running shoes” and have all the keywords together in a single ad group that includes several keywords, you cannot create very relevant ad copy. However, if you split up the keywords you use into more granular ad groups, you can adjust the copy for someone searching for “lightweight running shoes” versus “green running shoes.”

Convey the Right Message

Getting the message right is essential to ensure your ad copy is successful. It can also vary greatly based on the service or product. Therefore, it is essential to understand the business you want to promote fully. When you understand your business’s USP (unique selling proposition), you can create ad copy that will engage more people without misleading anyone.

Calls to Action

Most people remember the first and last things they see or read. This is referred to as the serial position effect. Unfortunately, the likelihood is that when someone reads your ad copy, they will follow this same path. Clearly mention the offer and action you want users to take. This can help manipulate behavior and engage more clicks.

If you want to create PPC ads for your clients that get results, it may be time to engage the professionals. They can help create effective and compelling ad copy and that will ensure clicks are coming through, regardless of when or where the ad is posted.